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Dec 24

Shimizu Makoto


Posted Image

Yeah. It was cool at first. The whole not dying and being so powerful and everything. But then... I can't die. You can lop my head from my shoulders and plant it in a flowerpot. I still won't die. Someone did that to me as an April Fools joke. It hurt like a bitch. And I sacrificed him.


“Look, all they want is one little piece of information...

…Just give them something, anything.

f u l l n a m e»
  • 真 清水 Shimizu Makoto

n a m e m e a n i n g»
  • “Shimizu” means pure water. “Makoto” can mean truth or reality.

a l i a s»
  • Maa-kun.

g e n d e r»
  • XY—male.

a g e»
  • 59 (21) [9-21].

b i r t h v i l l a g e»
  • Yugakure no Sato (Hidden Hotsprings Village).

c u r r e n t v i l l a g e»
  • Nomadic.

a l i g n m e n t»
  • Lawful Neutral.

s e x u a l i t y»
  • Heterosexual.

m a r i t a l s t a t u s»
  • Single.

r a n k»
  • Medical Sennin.


“But again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty...

…You need only look into a mirror.”

r e l e a s e»
  • Water.

s t y l e»
  • Taijutsu.

w e a p o n s»
  • A six-foot halberd staff. Head.

i t e m s»
  • A black pack.
  • Beaded Pendant.
  • Prayer book.
  • Medicine Kit.
  • Herb Bag.
  • Kunai.
  • Shuriken.
  • Senbon.
  • Wire.
  • Sealing Scrolls.
  • Small Poison Pots.
  • Mending Kit.

r e l i g i o n»
  • Jashinism

    Jashinism is a religion of blood and masochism. If one shall ever engage in combat, they shall kill their opponent. A fight to the death, a portion of the opponent's blood must be obtained and consumed. Other than uniform, clothes are unallowed. Jashin is ruler and one's spirit is an eternal being to walk this earth even after one's earthly body ceases to exist and has decayed. True immortality may only be obtained through a special ritual performed by the immortals who have knowledge of the forbidden technique.

    Conversion is peaceful to begin with, but one is given but a single chance. To be accepted by Jashin, one must sacrifice an 'infidel', or a non-believer. Any religion apart from Jashinism is considered to be atheism. To maintain one's immortality, the inability to die from any afflicted injury and to overcome time itself, one must make frequent blood sacrifices to Jashin.

    There are three rules that must be followed:
    • If one does not understand another's pain, one has no right to inflict that pain elsewhere.
    • Pain is equal to pleasure; one must sacrifice some of one's own blood to Lord Jashin each day, as proof of one's dedication to Lord Jashin's ways.
    • Those who do not believe will die by the hands of those who do.

    To obtain the blood meant for personal sacrifice for Lord Jashin, one mush remove clothing from waist above, bearing no more than flesh and the pendant, an upside-down, equilateral circumscribed triangle. Taking their weapon, be it a staff, knife, or stake, the point is placed in the center of the triangle of the pendant and pierced into one's own chest.

    To sacrifice an infidel to Lord Jashin, one must cut the infidel, partaking in their blood and activating the nirvana state. Prom that point, one must use blood, be it one's own or from the infidel themselves, to create a gram, a circumscribed equilateral triangle, and stand on the center. By consuming the infidel's blood and standing on the gram, one takes control of their nervous system, connecting one's own pain and damage to the infidel. Any damage partaken on oneself will be reflected upon the infidel, and by running one's own weapon through their chest and pendant, the infidel is killed, sacrificed to Lord Jashin. The connection is broken if one is forced outside of their circle, and double damage is partaken should one consume one's own blood instead of the infidel's.

c o n v e r s i o n t r i a l»
  • Kie no Jashin
    [Jashinistic Conversion]

    The conversion of to Jashinism is kinjutsu, or a forbidden technique. Converters are seated in the center of a gram, an equilateral circumscribed triangle, formed of many seals and written in the blood of the converter and the practitioners. On the chest of the converter a similar gram is written, with their own blood for first sacrifice, composed of glyphs.

    The practitioners chant while the converter prays, and this can last anywhere from a few hours to two days. When the ritual is complete, the converter must find, kill, and sacrifice an infidel as well as their own blood to seal their faith in Lord Jashin.

s p e c i a l j u t s u»

  • E Rank:
  • D Rank:
  • C Rank:
  • B Rank:
  • A Rank:
  • S Rank:

j u t s u»

  • E Rank:
    • Basic General Jutsu
      • Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
        This technique is one of the basic techniques taught to all aspiring shinobi. By manipulating their chakra, the user is capable of projecting intangible illusions of them self. It is fairly easy to identify a bunshin, as they do not disturb the environment when doing common actions such as walking or running.

      • Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
        This technique is a basic one known to all shinobi, and allows the user to take on the appearance of a person, animal, or object. This technique requires constant maintenance, as the user will most likely be interacting with the environment.

      • Kakuremino no Jutsu [Cloak of Invisibility Technique]
        This technique is a basic technique that all shinobi know, and allows the user to manipulate a cloak or piece of cloth to blend into an object, thus becoming “invisible”.

      • Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
        A basic technique that is known by all shinobi, this technique allows the user to switch places with another nearby object, commonly a log, leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack.

      • Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
        A basic technique known to all shinobi, this technique allows the user to use their chakra to loosen any ropes that bind them, allowing them free themselves.

    • Gyoushuku (Condensation)
      The user is able to extract and condense the water vapor in the air (Water vapor is invisible) into water droplets to use as the water for other jutsu. The more humid it is, the more water that can be condensed. This jutsu is good for making a lot of fog quickly.

    • Mizu Kawarimi no jutsu (Water substitution)
      The user replaces themselves with a bit of water to avoid being hit.

  • D Rank:
    • Bakusaidin [Destruction]
      [User must possess a handheld weapon.]
      To begin this technique, the user slams their weapon into the ground below, causing large chunks of earth to blast outwards in a small radius around the user. The stronger the user and the larger the weapon used, the more effective this technique becomes.

    • Sui Souran no jutsu
      (Water Control Technique)This is the ability to let users control the water around them by attracting the water with the chakra located in their hands. If a high amount of chakra is used the user may turn the water to Ice then back to water.

    • Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Replication Technique)
      Creates one or multiple identical copies of the user out of water. More similar to Shadow Clone than to a Normal Clone, Water Clones are capable of attacking, except each Clone's strength is only one tenth of the power of the original. Also, the clone can only be controlled within a certain radius of the user.

    • Futtou Mizu {Boiling Water}
      description: The user will do four hand seals and then slam their hands into water, the water that connects to it within a fifteen foot area will instantly heat up to 150 degrees. This will not hurt the user, for they will have coated themselves with their chakra. This can cause first degree burns after on post of being in it, second for two, and third for four. The water boils for four posts.

  • C Rank:
    • Bakuenshouha [Fiery Destruction]
      [User must possess a handheld weapon.]
      By focusing their chakra into their weapon, the user is able to slam the weapon into the ground and blast a bit of the earth outwards in a small radius, Then, the user will flip their weapon up, causing a second, larger blast to emerge. The stronger the user and the larger the weapon used affects the power of this technique.

    • Teppoudama - [Bullet]
      Teppoudama Suiton • Teppoudama is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the necessary hand seals, Gamabunta manifests a large amount of water in his mouth which he can then spit at his opponent as a large spherical projectile.

  • B Rank:
    • Shishisenkou [Beast]
      In order to initiate this technique, the user must first build up a large amount of chakra inside. After doing so, the user will leap forward and thrust their arm, leg, or weapon of choice toward their target, which in turn releases a large shock wave of the stored chakra that hits with enough force to shatter bones. This technique gained it’s name from three aspects: the movements of the user that resemble those of an animal, the loud roaring that is emanated along with the chakra, and the shape of the burst of chakra that resembles that of a lion’s head. While the impact of this technique feels like a physical blow, the effectiveness is actually based on the user’s ability to control chakra, rather than their physical strength. However, this technique is hard to control and is not entirely accurate. Continued use of this technique will drastically empty the user’s chakra reserves, thus tiring them out quickly.

    • Chakraken [Chakra Blade]
      This technique creates a sword made entirely of chakra with the ability to cut things that use chakra or are embedded with chakra. However, the user must have excellent chakra control to maintain and control the blade. The most difficult part of this technique is to maintain a correct size for the blade; the larger the blade is and how much it continues to shift affects how much chakra is used. While the user is using this technique, their ability to mold chakra for other jutsu is disabled until they deactivate this jutsu. As such, it is not recommended for shinobi that do not possess a lot of chakra or chakra control.

    • Chiyute no Jutsu [Healing Technique]
      [ANBU/Medic skill.]
      In this technique, the user focuses their chakra into the palms of their hands to create a small ball of healing chakra. When concentrated, this chakra can repair physical damage to themselves or another person. This takes moderate chakra depending on the size of the damage being heald and requires excellent chakra control to use properly.

    • Hayai Chiyu [Accelerated Recovery]
      By imbuing acceptable portions of their own chakra into healing chakra, the user is able to increase the rate in which blood platelets travel through the bloodstream to arrive at a damaged area, quickly clotting the wound to lessen the amount of blood lost. However, it is unable to completely mend severe injuries and only provides a temporary solution until professional aid is located.

    • Suigadan - [Water Fang Projectile]
      Suigadan Suiton • Suigadan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja does a string of hand seals to cause a nearby body of water to form a spinning drill.

  • A Rank:
    • Chakra Enjintou [Chakra Scalpel]
      [ANBU/Medic Skill]
      This technique is primarily used for field surgery or the like. The user will first concentrate a powerful aura of chakra around there hand to create a blade capable of tearing through muscles and arteries or breaking bone without breaking the skin of the person they’re using it on. Only shinobi with exceptional chakra control can use this technique to it’s utmost potential.

    • Chakra no Kishen Gokai [Spiritualist Sealing Method: Chakra Seal]
      This technique is mainly used by highly experienced taijutsu specialists and allows the user to effectively restrict their opponent’s access to chakra if used correctly. To begin, the user will focus three quarters of their chakra to the palm of their hand before slamming their palm into the center of the target’s body. The chakra stored in their palm will then rush out and surge throughout the target’s chakra network, closing off the chakra valves. This in turn renders the target unable to perform any jutsu other jutsu for four posts. In exchange, the user has depleted most of their chakra, leaving them weak and unable to use jutsu for the remainder of the thread.

    • Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Technique]
      [Must have an approved summon.]
      After having formed a blood contract with a summoning animal, the user is given the ability to form the required hand signs and use their own blood to summon their unique summoning.

    • Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu
      (Water Type - Water Dragon Blast Skill) A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is sent towards the opponent. Except when used by extremely powerful ninjas, this Jutsu can only be done when in or near a body of water.

  • S Rank:
    • Hankou Omoide [Sealing Memories]
      By utilizing a large amount of chakra from the user and the target, the user is able place a seal onto the target, which will seal the target’s memories completely. However, the user is able to remove the seal at any given time, restoring the memories they once had. This technique is mainly used for sneaking spies into foreign countries to gather information.


“Conceal me what I am and be my aid, for such disguise as haply...

…shall become the true form man of my intent!”

e y e s»
  • Normally held with an incredibly bored expression, Makoto's eyes are a jade green. When he's working, his eyes are more serious, and they are warm when he's truly enjoying himself. They show a wisdom that betrays his age. When performing a ritual, his eyes become blood red, remaining bloodshot before fading to normal when the ritual is complete.

h a i r»
  • Just short of brushing against his shoulders, Makoto has thick, wavy chocolate hair that borders on being black. While not hanging in his eyes, it hangs around his face. It turns white when he performs his rituals, and later becomes normal afterward.

h e i g h t»
  • 5'9''

w e i g h t»
  • 169 lbs.

d i s t i n g u i s h i n g m a r k s»
  • Aside from his style of dress and the staff he carries, there is nothing particularly distinguishing about Makoto. That is, until he performs the Jashinistic ritual. His skin becomes black, and white markings that look something akin to a skeleton appear on his body. His hair becomes white and his eyes red. It looks a tad like this.

c l o t h i n g»
  • Makoto wears a long black coat. The hem reaches down to his calves, and has three buttons on his torso. The back has a pleat. The sleeves are long, stopping just short of of his wristbone. Wide open collar. The buttons and cufflinks are silver. He wears a black vest underneath the coat, and a longsleeved white shirt underneath, only the hems of the collar, sleeves and bottom visible. His pants are long and black. His shoes are a pair of comfortable black zori. Makoto wears the Jashinist triangle-in-circle pendant around his neck. He also wears the Hotsprings headband around his neck; a deep purple color close to black.


“May I inquire as to how you avoided detection?"

"A fake ID works better than a mask.”

l i k e s»
  • His god, Jashin.
  • Romance novels.
  • Cream.
  • Onsen.
  • Making medicines.
  • Sleeping.
  • Peaceful places.
  • Girls.
  • Badgers.
  • Sushi.

d i s l i k e s»
  • Idiots.
  • Drinking.
  • Dogs.
  • Those who criticize his religion.
  • Squid.
  • Young children.
  • People who think they know it all.
  • Cold.
  • Excessive pain.
  • Bugs.

h a b i t s»
  • Praying to Jashin before his battles.
  • Praying for his sacrifice and thanking them.
  • Writing down the names of his sacrifices in his prayer book.
  • Speaks with a lisp if he's sleepy, spaced out, or too focused to mind his speech.
  • Tends to tap random things at times, just to hear what sounds it will make.
  • Uses “guys” as a collective group term.

s t r e n g t h s»
  • Manipulating water.
  • Good throwing accuracy.
  • Won't die in dangerous situations.
  • Making tea (and knowing the proper ceremony).

w e a k n e s s e s»
  • While inability to die might prove to be a strength, it is also a weakness. Ability to survive any injury means surviving even if body parts are removed. Separate these pieces and it becomes a severe handicap.
  • Keeping the pieces separated and immobilizing him for a long time means he cannot kill and make his sacrifices to Lord Jashin. As each sacrifice turns his hourglass, if he is unable to do so, the sand and consequently his time will run out.
  • Pain. It hurts.
  • Rushes toward the injured without thought of situation or sides.
  • Isn't exactly stealthy, so can be easily picked out by shinobi.

f e a r s»
  • Getting too attached to people, because he'll lose them eventually.
  • Angering Jashin.
  • Pigeons. Yes, really. Even a good imitation of their cooing gives him shudders.

w o r s t m e m o r y»
  • After converting, the very first time his immortality was put to test, when an enemy detonated a bomb right in front of his face.

g r e a t e s t d e s i r e»
  • To live his life to its fullest, to learn what he wants to learn, and see what there is to see in this world.

s e c r e t s»
  • Sterile.
  • Doesn't talk about his rituals, unless he intends to perform one.
  • His actual age. The conversion slowed his aging, going from 1:1 to 7:1.

p e r s o n a l i t y»
  • Makoto is everything that is complicated. In a normal situation, he is every bit of twenty one, and likes to be in groups. However, he's very laid-back, and tends to be the one the other guys pick on. He's a type that can be easily manipulated. However, Makoto can usually tell when others are trying to coerce him into doing something after the years of experience he'd gained. Sometimes he still goes along with it for shits and giggles.

    Makoto isn't very aggressive normally, getting mad if the situation warrants it, and returning open fire of jackasses who want to test his immortality. He's actually a rather concerned type of individual. Having become a medic, he puts the health of the injured (unless, of course, he was the one to deal injury), before his own and rushing even into the line of fire to deliver treatment. As skilled as he is, there are times when the patient cannot be saved. At that time, if coherent, he gives the patient two options: Convert to Jashinism and let Lord Jashin save them, or let him sacrifice them to his god. Most outcomes are the latter.

    At other times, when he is dealing with particular people, his true age shows through. Gaining much more life experience than others of his mental age, he can become something like a philosophical bastard. If he starts getting questioned, he doesn't lie, or pretty up his opinions. He gives the facts. People who don't find a problem with his Jashinism interest him, as those who don't are possible candidates for future sacrifices.

    All around, he's rather pleasant to be around. He doesn't take sides and remains a neutral party, but there also isn't a danger of your dying just because he kills. However, god be with you if you engage him in combat. Never even ask him for a friendly spar; instead, ask him to play a game or something if you really want to challenge him. He believes that, in every fight he enters, he needs to take down, kill, and sacrifice his opponent. But as a medic, he doesn't go looking for fights, even if he won't onbject to engaging.

    The end of a fight usually ends in a ritual. Makoto's adrenaline gets pumping when he's engaged, and his demeanor can be equated to someone having woken a tiger. Caution is gone with the wind and he'll attack relentlessly, making sure he's the first to draw blood as well as consume it. His staff becomes less a walking stick and more for impaling and slashing. He needs to draw enough blood to draw his circle.

    From docile to damn near horrifying, once he turns black, you don't have a prayer.

    However, Makoto does not perform his ritual under the eyes of others if he can help it. While he is not in the least ashamed of his religion, Makoto's name is rather known in this world, and he'd rather be known for his medical prowess, invulnerability, and personality rather than the religion he's well aware can be fearsome.

    Romantic Seme


“For all the things you’ve done, for the things you might have done...

…And the only thing you have left.”

m o t h e r»
  • Shimizu Horeru – 84 – Deceased.

f a t h e r»
  • Shimizu Ritsuka – 67 – Deceased.

s i b l i n g s»
  • Shimizu Adachi ♀ – 28 – Deceased.
  • Shimizu Izumi ♂ – 64 – Alive.

i m p o r t a n t s»
  • None.

p e t s»
  • None currently, but for several years he traveled with a tamed badger.

h i s t o r y»
  • -


“Who? Who is but the form following the function of what...

…And what I am is a man in a mask.”

p l a y e r »
  • Kaytee. (Kagerou, Kashii, etc.)

a g e»
  • March 21, 1990. Almost twenty-one.

c o n t a c t»
  • MSN – [email protected]
  • Yahoo – [email protected]
  • AIM – Baby Cougar226
  • Skype – Baby_cougar
  • E-Mail – [email protected]

f a c t s»
  • What's there to know about me? I'm on my seventh character now, you guys should all know me by now. I'm eccentric, perverted, out-there, and I'm female. I'll talk to you if you want to chat, which is why I put my contact stuff up there.

r o l e p l a y s a m p l e »
  • -
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Dec 10


Name: Akamaru (Red Boy)

Age: 13

Rank: Nin-Dog

Village: Konoha

Personality: Akamaru is fairly care-free. He enjoys the simple things in life; Getting brushed, getting a belly rub, ripping the limbs off enemy ninja, digging holes to bury said limbs. He has a large heart, and warms to people quickly. His loyalty lies deeply to the Leaf Village, and to his master, Inuzuka Kiba. Secondary loyalty lies to his master’s teammates, Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino. Akamaru has the ability to sense chakra, and thus, can sense enemies, alerting comrades to danger.

Akamaru is wild in battle. He will not hesitate to rip an enemy limb from limb, and works voraciously well with Kiba. Together, they can perform spectacular techniques. When Akamaru eats a soldier pill, supplied by Kiba of course, his fighting style becomes even more rabid, and his chakra increases, turning his fur red. He is then able to make shared attacks between Kiba more powerful.

Appearance: Posted Image
Akamaru stands 4'3" at the shoulder, and wieghs around 450 pounds.


Jutsu Name: Dynamic Marking

Rank: -

What it does:When their canine partners release a stream of urine on their target, the clan member can use their excellent sense of smell to locate their target no matter where they are. The urine itself is more dangerous than normal urine, because of its burning and strong sticky qualities.

Jutsu Name:Garouga - Dual Wolf Fang


What It Does:The technique is a super-spin and it uses up a massive amount of chakra, rendering the ninja and his dog almost helpless should the technique fail.

The clan member familiar will first mark their target with the Dainamikku Maakingu technique. Then by using Inuzuka Ryuu Chinjuu Konbi Henge, the clan member and his partner will transform into the Soutou Rou, "Two-Headed Wolf." This huge beast has several advantages, the saliva it emits will make it difficult for their opponent to find footing in the surrounding area. The large size of the beast also causes large amounts of penetrating damage when it begins its spin. Unfortunately they spin so fast they are unable to keep track of their vision. So they must entirely rely on their nose and the urine marking. If Garouga connects with the target, the opponent is ripped to pieces. Also even if they do not connect directly, the surrounding shockwaves will slice into the enemy.

Jutsu Name:Gatsuuga - Dual Piercing Fang

What It Does:Gatsuuga is a supreme Taijutsu technique of the Juujin Bunshin style of combat. After the familiar transforms into a copy of the clan member, both the familiar and ninja will begin a spinning attack. The preferred time to attack is when their opponent is showing an opening. Using this chance the fast rotating of the two attackers will cause a damaging impact on their opponent when they connect with their claws. While using this technique, both attackers are able to rotate and strike from multiple angles.

Jutsu Name:Bakuretsu Koinu - Exploding Puppy


What It Does:Bakuretsu Koinu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by the Inuzuka familiar Akamaru. Resembling himself, the Akamaru replacement is actually a booby trap. Once an enemy is lured in thinking Akamaru is injured, the replacement dog will explode and launch a hail of kunai in every direction.

Jutsu Name:Inuzuka Ryuu Chinjuu Konbi Henge: Soutou Rou - Inuzuka Style Rare Beast Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf


What It Does:This unique Konbi Henge is used by the clan member and their familiar, transforming them into a large mystical double headed-wolf. In this form the clan members can utilize the Garouga taijutsu technique.

Jutsu Name:Juujin Bunshin - Beast-Man Clone


What It Does:First the clan member and the familiar may ingest a soldier pill to help their strength and stamina. Then, acting in conjunction with the clan member, the canine familiar will transform themself into a copy of the clan member. While in this form they can accomplish many of the same techniques as the original.

History: Akamaru is a member of Team 8, alongside Aburame Shino and Hyuuga Hinata, watched over by Yuuhi Kurenai. He is rarely seen, if ever, without his lifelong companion, Kiba.

The Inuzuka family have close relations with canines. They share some traits with them too, as indicated by Kiba’s unique sense of smell. Because of this ability, he forms an integral part of Team 8’s tracking specialty with Hinata’s vision and Shino’s homing abilities. Akamaru is also sensitive to chakra, adding another edge to their detection skills. It was Akamaru’s sensitivity that first alerted them to danger when the team had a close brush with the Sand siblings in the Chuunin exam, where they witnessed a small demonstration of Gaara’s fearsome power. Akamaru literally hid as Gaara wiped out a trio of Rain participants single-handedly. Luckily, they remained undiscovered as Gaara looked for more targets and finally calmed down.

Due to the nature of the Chuunin exams, all three were entered into the preliminaries to half the number of winners. Kiba was drawn against Naruto Uzumaki, to both their confidence. Kiba remembered how poor Naruto was in the academy. Facing Naruto with Akamaru by his side he felt a win was a sure thing. Despite flooring Naruto with a beast mimicking style of Taijutsu that made him bleed from the mouth, Naruto rose. Kiba then created a cloud of smoke and used the lack of sight along with Akamaru to keep the advantage to himself. However, Naruto once again stole the advantage back and used a combination of Kage Bunshin and Henge to fool Kiba and capture Akamaru. Insulted, Kiba fed Akamaru a pill that turns his fur red and increases his strength. The two then used a combination technique that makes them both into feral-looking versions of Kiba that boast enhanced speed and strength, double-teaming Naruto with wild scratches and bites, culiminating into a spinning drill attack. Kiba’s confidence only increased after the attack, causing him to taunt that he would be more likely to be Hokage before Naruto.

However, Naruto’s determination caused him to stand again. Irritated, Kiba and Akamaru proceeded to shred him up even more, throwing more smoke bombs to prevent his escape. However, they halted their assault as Naruto masked himself as one of them. Kiba’s sense of smell proved superior, however, causing him to lash out at the fake. However, the hit clone changed into Akamaru. Instantly, Kiba slammed an even more savage hit into the other, who also slide away and transformed into Akamaru. The first Akamaru then transformed back into Naruto and attacked Kiba, now Akamaru was out of the match entirely thanks to Kiba.

Kiba resumed his solo assault, becoming fiercer and drawing more blood as revenge for making him hit his own dog, wounding Naruto and severely turning the tide of the match in his own favor. Naruto repeatedly threatened a new move, but Kiba would rush in to finish him off before he can by slipping in for an attack on his blind side. However, Naruto’s nervousness caused him to lose control of his bodily functions inadvertently. Kiba is forced to stagger back, revolted at the smell from his ultra-sensitive nose. Naruto then put him away with an imitation of Sasuke’s own copy of Lee, eliminating Kiba.

Later, Kiba attended the finals as a spectator, watching over Hinata due to her injuries from her battle with Neji. Her condition worsened, causing an ANBU member to heal her. As Kiba went to thank him, Akamaru began barking, recognizing the ANBU member as someone they had met before. Before Akamaru could be any more specific about his identity, the ANBU member silenced them both to prevent them revealing he was Kabuto. They remained out cold for the duration of the failed invasion.

Kiba was later added to an impromptu team in a desperation mission to retrieve Sasuke, with him and Akamaru leading the way for their tracking abilities. During the mission, he ended up taking on Sakon, the strongest of Orochimaru’s active bodyguards. Debuting a new technique that transformed himself and Akamaru into a gigantic two-headed lupine beast, he landed a direct hit on Sakon, literally splitting him in half. However, thanks to the power bestowed on Sakon that allowed him to attack in tandem with his conjoined brother, Ukon, they survived and continued to attack. Summoning an equally large gate as a barrier, which they referred to as "Orochimaru’s strongest defense", they were surprised when even though it stopped the beast, it had been dented. Worse still, Akamaru had taken the worst damage, leaving Kiba without a partner.

Things declined again when Ukon’s demonic face sprouted from Kiba’s shoulder, as he explained their power to manipulate flesh and that while he had merged into Kiba, he would simply tear him apart at a cellular level. In desperation, Kiba drove his kunai into his own abdomen, realizing that sharing the same body would cause damage to Ukon too, forcing him out and allowing Kiba to take Akamaru to escape. The twins pursued Kiba until they cornered him, where assistance luckily arrived in the form of another double-team from Kankurou, who saved Kiba’s life by trapping Ukon (with Sakon in his body) inside a puppet and impaling him. Both Kiba and Akamaru would recover fully from their wounds, mostly due to the care of Kiba’s sister, Hana, an expert in dog care.

RP Sample: Akamaru turned his nose to the wind, scenting the chakra floating in the breeze. There were enemies abroad, and he knew it. He was alone. Kiba was with Hana, and Akamaru had been told to go have fun. So, Akamaru decided to walk himself. That was, until, he picked up the chakra signatures of two…no… three enemy ninja. There was nobody around to alert, so he decided to take care of it himself. He crouched low to the ground, failing miserably to hide his white coat in the foliage he was creeping into.


He whined softly, trying to catch a scent of the enemy. Following the direction he could sense the ninja in, he came across scents. None were recognizable. The fur on the nape of his neck bristled; his hackles were raised. Snarling, he charged, knocking over one of the enemy. From the shape on the headband, he looked to be a Oto ninja. Even worse. Grabbing the man’s neck on his massive jwas, he shook him, knocking over the one next to him and breaking this one’s neck in the process. Dropping him, he went to the other, who was on the ground, hastily digging for a kunai. He succeeded, and slashed Akamaru across the nose. The dog let a booming bark fill the area.


As the second nin aimed to slash again, Akamaru ducked grabbing his wrist and biting down, tasting the blood and feeling the bones snap. He let go when a trio of shuriken embedded themselves into his side. He yelped; he had nearly forgotten the third. Akamaru left the second, who was more worried about his wrist at this point, and charged the third, following him up into the treetops. His claws dug into the bark as he gave chase, the shuriken digging deeper as he ran. The third stopped, throwing a few kunai. Akamaru dodges most, but helped again an one buried into his shoulder. This wasn’t good. Running on three legs, he laced his legs with chakra, coiling and springing. He hit the ninja full-on, and bit his throat. The man was dead almost instantly. Ripping the headband off with his teeth, Akamaru limped his way back home
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Nov 20

Karasu Tengu

Name: Shokaki Daion (Delta)

Summoned Beasty: Karasu Tengu

Name: Hiratoki [M]

Beasty's ability: Dokujutsu master. Able to make many kinds of poisons, identify ingredients, create antidotes, and make medicines.

It's personality: Snarky, but overall friendly to allies. He can tip his feathers in poison to use against adversary. He's almost always serious, and tends to miss jokes because of this, which occasionally gets him teased. He speaks in an old style of speech, used by samurai in the Edo, around 1600s. Very strong, physically.

It's appearance:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Six foot tall. Wings are larger than shown. The scythe is for harvesting, but he fights with bojutsu, using a staff instead.
Name: Kazumi [F]

Beasty's ability: Dokujutsu apprentice, fights with handheld sais.

It's personality: Don't be deceived! She may look incredibly competent, but she's clumsy. Working as Hiratoki's apprentice, she uses poison to fight along with the handheld sais, but she has no where near the level of skill he possesses. She's able to accurately identify herbs and other chemicals to be used in poisons, but tends to mix up which ones are used in which concoctions. A bit spacey, she's rather friendly, but gets very serious should she have to fight. Very physically strong.

It's appearance:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Five foot tall with jet black hair and a red mask to cover her golden yellow eyes. Has the face of a beautiful human woman.
Name: Ichi - Go [M]

Beasty's ability: Can revert forms between a young child or a crow.

It's personality: Very dull. They are five brothers, named only by the numbers Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, and Go. They prefer to stay in the forms of crows, but can change into a child that looks about eight, with little variance between them. Low-level intelligence (Still higher than any normal crow), they listen to their orders. Only up to two of them can be summoned at any one time, and Delta cannot choose which ones come. As crows, they act like, well, crows, but when in their humanoid form they are quiet, and act unnatural as compared to a normal child, but are distracted very easily by shiny things. They typically get summoned under the cover of the Sanzengarasu no Jutsu, unless she needs to deliver a message or use them for any other small task, as they are not very competent battle fighters, although they can defend themselves. They cannot grasp the concept of using the poisons they way Hiratoki and Kazumi do, but can follow instructions.

It's appearance:
Spoiler: click to toggle

As a human, they are about three and a half feet tall.

Formed with a normal blood signed contract.
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Oct 29


Name: Namame Kashii

Summoned Beasty: Moles

Name: Rufus [M]

Beasty's ability: Enormous bite strength. Hypersensitive to chakra and scents, and moves quickly. Great hearing.

It's personality: Friendly. He has a sort of I'm-ugly-but-love-me attitude. Out on missions, he tends to stick with Kashii, either in Kashii's pocket or on his shoulder. Can speak, but he's rather unintelligible most of the time. He stands upright, using his front paws like hands. He likes to dig, and he likes to sing. Enormous lovable personality for such a small, ugly creature, once you know him, it's hard to be disgusted by him. Can pass as a “normal” pet.

It's appearance:
Spoiler: click to toggle

About seven inches tall, roughly twice the size as a normal naked mole rat.

Loyalty level: Very.
Name: Jitters [F]

Beasty's ability: Hyperintelligence and fast digger.

It's personality: Anti-social. She rigs technology and acts as a metaphorical mole, able to comprehend scientifical stuff that Kashii can't make heads nor tails of. She's incredibly useful for gathering information; she can tunnel into enemy territory almost unnoticed (Like any other mole, she can feel vibrations in the ground and surfaces where there isn't any movement, and she can dig through even the hardest of soils and soft stones), and dismantle traps and the like. However, she doesn't like to be summoned, and only follows Kashii when there's an obvious job to be done. Regardless of that, she has a clear, gentle voice.

It's appearance:
Spoiler: click to toggle

When standing upright, she's just under four feet tall. Her vision is terrible, so she wears coke-bottle glasses, and she wears a white scarf. When working, she wears that headset.

Loyalty level: Medium. She only works together with Kashii when there's a job that needs done. If she's summoned any other time, she'll dig straight into the ground and leave.
Name: Behemoth -Bee- [M]

Ability: Digging. With claws like steel, he can go through most stone. Not fast, but poweful.

Personality: Humble. For all his bulk, he rather keeps to himself. Bee is completely blind, but has superb hearing and smell. He doesn't say much, and does whatever it is he needs to do responsibly. He tends to retreat deep into mountains where he can move around without hassle. He's good at digging out caves in rock faces for shelter, but doesn't mind being called for the sake of his company.

Spoiler: click to toggle

He's the size of a big dump truck.

Loyalty: Rather loyal, but doesn't need to be summoned for much.
The contract was made in the traditional way, signing his name in blood on a scroll.
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Oct 24

Namame Kashii [Kashii]

RP Name:

Namame Kashii [Kashii]
Namamekashii means “charming”
or “captivating”. “Kashi” alone can
mean “pastry” or “lyric”, depending
on the kanji used. The kanji tsuya, read as
“namame” can mean anything from glossy,
luster, glaze, polish, charm, colorful, or

RP Age:

17 [4-6]




Little bit of wild, and a little bit of crazy. Kashii is a certified “playboy”, flirting with women without any intention of creating a lasting relationship. Because of is stature, he appears younger than he is, which he occasionally uses to his advantage. Depending on the woman he's chasing, he changes his personality to what he thinks would grab her attention, choosing the suave route or the badboy route most of the time. He shows more interest in women who are disinterested in him, thinking of it as a special challenge. Overly friendly. With men, however, he's more aggressive. He got picked on for his height when he was younger, and retaliated by beating the asses of his aggressors. Rather show-offy, he always tries to impress others and make himself known.

In battle, he's ruthless. He tries what he can to cut down his opponent, preferring to use his weapons to draw the most blood he can, but isn't inefficient in hand-to-hand. He doesn't use jutsu too much unless he needs to, opting for a more bloody route, but his affinity is lightning (although he knows several earth jutsu from being taught in Iwa's academy). When his adrenaline gets pumping, injuries to his own body only get him more excited, spurring him on harder for the win. His smaller frame usually gives him an advantage over larger opponents; he's very flexible and can contort around enemy blows to make contact. Regardless of how wild he is, he's also cunning, and can set up excellent booby traps in short time. However, his hotbloodedness can be used against him, and he gets riled up fairly easily. He has a tendancy to swear, a lot, even in normal speech, but it's usually not bad when he's flirting.

Kashii likes to drink, getting wilder and crazier as his reason gets clouded. Sober, though, he's sharp and intelligent, able to suppress his tendencies if he knows that's the better way to go. For all his rowdiness, Kashii is loyal to his village and to his comrades (unless they need to be put in their place). His favorite food is strawberry anything, and least favorite is chocolate (though he'll eat dark chocolate if a girl gives it to him). His hobbies include running (he's very fast, so he likes to race against others his age), games, and reading at night. To aide in proper flirting, he's learned to be a minimalistically good dancer, basic cooking, and has a good eye for fashion.

Sadistic Seme


Posted Image

Standing at a mere 5'3”, Kashii weighs in at 135lbs. But, height isn't everything; he makes up for it with personality. His hair is a dark blue, long and silky in the front with a slight cowlick, and in the back around his neck it sticks up and outward. His eyes are a yellow-gold. Is complexion is fair, and his canines are pointed like fangs, because he thought it would match his character. As far as clothes go, Kashi likes to wear a thin white t-shirt with a black ¾ sleeve jacket over; white trim with a cool reddish-orange lining. His pants are made of the same material and color as his jacket. He also wears fingerless gloves that match the jacket. Kashii wears flexible black close-toed shoes that not only look cooler than traditional zori, but are just as functional.


Looking for a deep, dark, depressing past? You won't find that here. Kashii grew up... fairly normally. His parents were Tsyuyaen, a voluptuous kunoichi who loved her job a little too much, and Enshou was a laid-back shinobi who wanted to take the easy way out during his work. As a child, he was adorable, and had been mistaken for a girl, and as a toddler, his mother liked to put dresses on him. When he got old enough to understand that dresses were not meant for little boys, Kashii would destroy the frills and lace his mother would painstakingly force onto him. He'd inherited his mother's predatory eyes, an interesting and attention-grabbing feature on a child such as he. Other than the outbursts at his mother's questionable taste, Kashi was rather laid-back like his father. That is, until his sixth birthday, where he met his mother's brother, uncle Ikasama, a man who liked to put a little too much emphasis on the “sama” of his name.

Ikasama was wild, to say the very least. And he simply adored his little nephew, whom was also a good selling point in attracting women. When not getting ready to enter the Academy, Kashii would spend time with this uncle, picking up various bad habits. However, a new problem had arisen; after being enrolled for a year in the academy, Kashii realized he was a lot shorter than the other boys. Not too much, as growth was different at such a young age, but he steadily became the smallest male, which made him an easy target for bullying. Not that he took their shit, of course. After spending so much time with uncle Ikasama, he had learned not to take shit from anyone that pissed him off. His pretty face would throw his peers off-guard, and when they attacked first, he'd bare his fangs, attacking and scratching, sheer stamina and ruthlessness overcoming his larger opponents.

Things got worse when they taught him how to use weaponry. For the opponents, that is. His personality and appearance had gotten him rather popular with the girls, which pissed the boys off even more. They'd pick fights in the training classes, and he'd think of new ways to own them. And by “thinking of new ways to own”, Kashii would copy what he'd seen his uncle do. This streak of winning didn't last long, though. By the time Kashii was ten, it became apparent that just copying his favorite uncle wouldn't get him anywhere; he'd have to create his own style. His classmates had caught onto his tricks, and they were used to the personality which conflicted with his face. That made things personal. His mother had a large combat knife that she never used anymore, and Kashii “borrowed” it, fastening the belt to fit around his waist and the hilt fit snugly in the small of his back. Practicing with his uncle, Kashii used the knife in favor of the kunai Ikasama had taught him with, as well as surprising him with the “fangs” he had come up with; bladed weapons attached to flexible wires that he could whip at and around an opponent. It became a powerful tool, and it enhanced his one weakness: Ninjutsu. With his affinity for lightning, he could channel electricity into his weapons instead making his attacks that much more omnipotent (In his mind, anyway).

Unfortunately, Kashii had also picked up his uncle's infamous womanizing skills. Using his face as a sell point, he could draw the women to him, using suave words that ran in the blood too woo them. And boy, was it fun. He graduated easily, and got assigned to a cell who was generally put at unease with his very presence. His female teammate did not like his type, and would assault him any time he tried to make a move on her. His male teammate, on the other hand, showed no interest in irritating him. Finding an area of common interest: Gaming, the two hit it off and became friends. The male teammate wasn't as rough as Kashi himself was, but they played well together.

At fourteen, Kashii had become a chuunin, leaving the sanctity of his team and instead choosing independence as he had the right to do so now. He found new guys he could hang with and bust heads with if he so chose to, choosing to hang out in the closest thing to a “Red Light District” that Iwa would have. However rotten he may act, though, Kashii is extremely loyal to his country and to his comrades. He's merciless towards an enemy target, and will protect those he has to. Always searching for something bigger and better, Kashi applied for more dangerous missions, knowing they'd score well in his experience arsenal and hopefully with the Tsuchikage. However, the complexity of these missions often left him worse for wear when he came home, taking heavy bodily damage.

After a month-long mission that nearly cost him both legs and months of recuperation after a violent encounter with a pair of strong rouge Iwa nins, he spent several months in recuperation to gain back full use of his legs; they'd been crushed in a partucular combination stone jutsu the pair had used. Shortly before his seventeenth birthday, after maknig a full recovery, his credits and skills had allowed him the pass the tests and become a jounin.

Now a fresh-off-the-press jounin with new privalages, Kashii likes to run amok around the village, never doing any real damage to the home he loves, but always looking for new challenges and more fun.


Iwagakure no Sato



Main Weapons:

  • An 8” onyx combat knife kept in a hilt at his lower back
  • Wires with shuriken, kunai, or hooks attached




  • Offense: Ranged Ninjutsu
  • Defense: Genjutsu

Personal Jutsu List:

  • E Rank:
  • D Rank:
  • C Rank:

    • Lightning Whip
      While it can be used effectively alone to zap the enemy, Kashii uses the whip to ignite his lightning-weapon combination attacks. Using a short stream of handsigns, he gathers a ball of chaka in his hand. He flicks her hand at her target, and the ball becomes a whip of directed energy. Only lasting a second, the jutsu does not take much chakra to use.

  • B Rank:

    • Lightning Twin Dragon
      Similar to the original Twin Dragon, Kashii launches his wired weapons at his opponent. He then sends electricity down the wires, shocking anything in contact.

    • Lightning Net
      Kashii will send a rain of senbon around the opponent. Attaching a wire to a kunai or shuriken, or using the pure element itself depending on distance, Kashii will send electricity down the wire (Or with the whip) to the closely placed senbon scattered around an on the opponent. The electricity will arc across the metal spikes from the whip or base wire, giving the appearance of the enemy being caught in a net made of lightning. While not deadly, severe burning and shock can occur.

  • A Rank:
  • S Rank:

Jutsu List:

  • E Rank:

    • Iron Palm
      The user will coat their hand with a thin layer of chakra, making it so that they can stop an edged weapon with their bare hand, and not get cut. This is usable twice per thread, and lasts for two posts at a time.

  • D Rank:

    • Iwa Shuriken no jutsu [Stone Shuriken Skill]
      Widely used in situations where the user runs out of projectiles. By picking up dirt from the ground and infusing it with chakra, it molds together and takes the form of a shuriken.

    • Edged Fingers
      The user will coat their fingertips with chakra, and then slash at someone as if clawing at them. Upon touching someone with their fingers, this will cut the skin much like a kunai. This lasts for two posts and is usable twice per thread.

    • Dendou Touza (Electric Current)
      By injecting a bit of his charka into any projectile weapon (Kunai, Shuriken, Senbon, ect.) the user can infuse it with an electrical charge. The weapon is then thrown and will glow and leave a fading trail of afterimages as it speeds towards its target. If the said weapon should hit then the area surrounding the wound will go numb.

    • Gamieki Ashimoto [Graceful Fluid Step]
      In this technique, the user will utilize their chakra to increase their speed to a tremendously fast and silent pace. Due to the sheer speed of this technique, the user is able to confuse their target with multiple after-images of themselves that will encircle the enemy. This technique lasts for two posts and drains a slight amount of chakra.

  • C Rank:

    • Stone Slicing Palm
      The user will pump chakra into one of their hands, and this chakra will manifest itself as a blue glow on that hand. After doing so, they will chop stone with their hand, and this will slice it like it were bread. This only works on stone, and takes alot of concentration, though not alot of chakra. This is usable twice per thread, and can cut stones of up to five feet in diameter.

    • Iron shattering Kick
      The user will coat their shin and foot with chakra before delivering a kick to any oncoming sword strike. This will effectively stop the blade attack, and has a 20% chance of cracking or shattering the blade. This lasts for one post at a time, and is usable twice per thread.

  • B Rank:

    • Doto no Inuzuma [Surging Lightning]
      Digging one's hands into the ground, the user fills the immediate area with electricity beneath the soil. They can control the amount built up before using it, before releasing it to any individual within the jutsu's radius, which is about 10 to 15 metres across depending on the level of the user. During this time the lightning appears as snake-like creatures from the ground and spreads out to hit anything, friend or foe.
      Cons: Hits anything, including allies. The stronger you want the attack, the slower it is to initiate as it requires building up of electricity in the ground.

    • Raiton: Denkou Shashen (Lightning Style: Lightning Slash)
      The user will first hold his entire sword, sheath and all, and gather his chakra into the hand that he is holding it with. He will place his hand on the hilt of the blade as he normally would, and once he has gathered enough chakra he will unleash the sword in one slash and unleash all the chakra stored in the sheath in one large blast, which will manifest into an electrical charge, before sheathing his sword once more. This form of attack gains strength the more it is used, but do to this it takes a while to charge up with chakra once more (one post).
      Cons: Requires sufficient use of sword and considerable chakra amount. Since it increases in strength every time it is used, it is limited to three uses per thread.

  • A Rank:

    • Raikou Ri-shu [Lighting leash]
      The user must have wire to complete this jutsu. The user will wrap wire around the opponent’s throat tying the wire around each finger so when wrapped around the user can generate immense amounts of Lighting into the opponent.
      Cons: The wire can be cut if the opponent is of a higher rank then the user. If opponent cuts wire the surge of electricity will back fire and shock the user.

    • Rairyuu no Tatsumaki (Lightning Dragon Tornado)
      The user will focus his chakra and raise their arms into the air and forcefully pull down lightning from any nearby source. The user will contain the current around their form and then will use additional chakra to create a whirling vortex of wind in conjunction with the lightning. The vortex will assume the form of a dragon and strike out against their opponent. Even if the attack doesn’t directly connect with the foe, the lightning can jump from the vortex to hit a nearby target.
      Cons: Once completed, the jutsu homes towards its targets, though is difficult to control by an inexperienced user. The jutsu takes a decent amount of chakra to use and the user must remain still as the dragon is formed and attacks. The dragon will disperse moments after it hits an object. The jutsu takes one post to create, and one post to attack.

  • S Rank:

General Jutsu:

  • Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
    This technique is one of the basic techniques taught to all aspiring shinobi. By manipulating their chakra, the user is capable of projecting intangible illusions of them self. It is fairly easy to identify a bunshin, as they do not disturb the environment when doing common actions such as walking or running.

  • Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
    This technique is a basic one known to all shinobi, and allows the user to take on the appearance of a person, animal, or object. This technique requires constant maintenance, as the user will most likely be interacting with the environment.

  • Kakuremino no Jutsu [Cloak of Invisibility Technique]
    This technique is a basic technique that all shinobi know, and allows the user to manipulate a cloak or piece of cloth to blend into an object, thus becoming “invisible”.

  • Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Replacement Technique]
    A basic technique that is known by all shinobi, this technique allows the user to switch places with another nearby object, commonly a log, leaving the opponent open to a counter-attack.

  • Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]
    A basic technique known to all shinobi, this technique allows the user to use their chakra to loosen any ropes that bind them, allowing them free themselves.

Posted Image
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