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Gotchi Point System + More!
After a long period without it, the Gotchi Point system is back on TamaCraze thanks to ZetaBoards Dynamo. Earn Gotchi Points with every post you make! Plus see how many members were online today, and tag members in posts using the new "@Username" feature.

Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town
The Tamagotchi Friends franchise continues! In an all new Tamagotchi release, the Version 9 features new Dream Town themed destinations, 5 new characters, 11 new games including 7 Dream Class-themed games and comes in 6 all new shell designs!
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Welcome to TamaCraze
Where Tamagotchi Becomes Reality!

TamaCraze has been a thriving online Tamagotchi community since its humble beginnings in 2006. No matter if you're a die-hard Tamagotchi fanatic, or just a casual collector, there is bound to be something for you at TamaCraze. Now featuring Tamagotchi Friends!

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Community Discussion

Regular Forum Chatterbox
The Chatterbox is the one section on TamaCraze where you can talk about practically anything you want! Talk about real world issues, have a friendly debate and share what is going on in your life - keep it appropriate.
Your Mood 5th July 2018 - 05:05 AM, By Purimatchi
Topics: 366 Replies: 8,506
Subforums: Book Club, Crank It Up, On The Scene, Gaming Convention
Regular Forum The Arcade
Come along and join the fun at the TamaCraze Arcade, a place of non-stop fun, action and adventure! Well, sort of... Join in on some crazy and challenging games that can be played with other Members on TamaCraze.
The Last Person To Post Wins 2nd July 2018 - 07:21 AM, By Purimatchi
Topics: 32 Replies: 11,752
Regular Forum Role Play Arena
Throw away your inhibitions and act as someone else for a while at the Role Play Arena! Try your hand at acting as a Tamagotchi, or just pretend to be someone else entirely and have fun with other Members on TamaCraze!
TamaCraze Island RolePlay Discussion 17th November 2015 - 11:27 AM, By Purimatchi
Topics: 9 Replies: 415
Regular Forum Celebrations
Have a party with some other TamaCraze Members at the TamaCraze Celebrations! Sit back, relax and celebrate a birthday, festivity or achievement of another Member of even TamaCraze itself.
Happy Easter 28th March 2016 - 11:51 AM, By Purimatchi
Topics: 13 Replies: 61
Regular Forum The Art Gallery
If art is your forte, then visit the TamaCraze Art Gallery. Here you can share your personal works, as well view others and comment to let them know what you think! Please keep all comments positive and appropriate.
Ringotchi's Art; Drawn by hand and compute… 7th November 2012 - 09:09 AM, By ringotchi
Topics: 33 Replies: 1,275
Subforums: Artistic Resources
Regular Forum The Library
For all aspiring novelists, The Library is the perfect place to share any pieces of writing that you've been working on, no matter what they're about! Please try to keep the stories appropriate to the rules.
Alana Jewel //Book 1 - Tales of a 5-Year O… 11th August 2011 - 09:22 AM, By Chaowzee
Topics: 106 Replies: 552

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