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Gotchi Point System + More!
After a long period without it, the Gotchi Point system is back on TamaCraze thanks to ZetaBoards Dynamo. Earn Gotchi Points with every post you make! Plus see how many members were online today, and tag members in posts using the new "@Username" feature.

Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town
The Tamagotchi Friends franchise continues! In an all new Tamagotchi release, the Version 9 features new Dream Town themed destinations, 5 new characters, 11 new games including 7 Dream Class-themed games and comes in 6 all new shell designs!
Board Rules
TamaCraze Board Rules
These are the TamaCraze Board Rules. Please read through them thoroughly and abide by them when you are on the TamaCraze forums.

TamaCraze Board Rules

  • There should not be any fighting and arguing with other Members.
  • Do not use any swear words, as we are trying to keep a proper environment on TamaCraze for everyone.
  • No SPAMming. SPAM = Short Pointless Annoying Messages.
  • Do not be the source of trouble.
  • Be nice, no matter what someone says. Report them to a Moderator if they persist in bothering you.
  • Do not argue with the decision of a Moderator. If you feel they did something wrongly to you, PM an Administrator.
  • Do not post rude comments anywhere on TamaCraze.
  • No public shaming. If you are having trouble with another Member, please PM an Administrator or a Moderator about it and we will handle it. Please do not publicly make a scene about what that Member did to you and tell everyone.
  • Do not impersonate. Do not make another account using the name of another Member on another forum/website and impersonate them.
  • Do not advertise other forums/websites. The only forums/websites that you can talk about are islands/websites that you are sharing to help another Member and that forum/website has information that will help them. You can advertise your own forums/websites in your signature only.
  • Please use the correct areas of the forum for their intended purpose. Read what each area of the forum is before talking and be sure it is in the right area of the forum. Use your common sense when talking.
  • No bad or rude content in your signature or profile. If any are found, you will be asked to change it. If you don't, the Moderators and Administrators will be forced to change it for you.
  • Please do not become part of this forum just to leech off the forum.
  • Please do not steal TamaCraze's emoticons.
  • Do not ask any InvisionFree/ZetaBoards based questions on how to make your forum better. This forum is for Members to discuss about Tamagotchis and related subjects. It is not a place for you to ask support for your forum.
  • Do not come to the forum as another person.
  • Do not steal someone else's information and use it on this forum.
  • Do not talk double or triple post on any topic. We do have an edit button and you can use that too add to what you want to say if you want to add something. (This rule can be excused in personal areas such as Tamagotchi Logs and The Art Gallery, etc.)
  • Do not engage in attention seeking behaviour, such as, "I am leaving because no one likes me," etc.
  • Do not share artworks that are not made by you and say that you made it. All shops in the TamaTopian Mall will also need to have items made by you!
Breaking these laws may result in a warning, or even 'Banned' status on TamaCraze, depending on the level of seriousness.

TamaCraze is not responsible for any untrue or illegal information talked about on this forum. It is the full responsibility of the Member that posted it.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the TamaCraze Board Rules. Remember to follow these rules at all times when on TamaCraze. These rules may be subject to change, so make sure to keep checking up on the rules.

Last Update: November 25, 2013

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