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Topic Started: May 15 2008, 09:56 PM (446 Views)
Dark Jinx
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Game & Watch
Link(prounced Lee-ink)
Link is in every Zelda game, he is your main player, though there are certain games where for brief moments you can control other characters he is still the main dude...

Link is incredibly recognizable, he is slender, blond hair, blue eyes, wheres a green tunic, white sleeves, white pants, and a green pointy hat. He also has been guided by fairies including Navi and Tattl. He is often see with the following items:

The Boomerang, Link is a born boomerang artist, he has had a boomerang in every Zelda game save for The Adventure of Link.

The Fairy/Hero Bow, Link is an incredible Archer, in fact in several of the fights with his arch-nemesis, Ganon or Ganondorf the only thing that can harm him are Link's arrows. He has had a bow as much as he has had a boomerang.

The Hook/Claw/Switch Shot, though it is not as common as his other items I've noticed that people often say that the hook shot is their favorite Zelda item.

Bombs, Link likes to get explosive... A lot, he has had the bombs just as long as he has had his boomerang and his bow.

Empty Bottles, Link gets thirsty a lot, so he is often seen carrying bottles filled with assorted potions, and sometimes even fairies if Link is lucky enough to find one.

Link is a expert swordsman he has had a large arsenal of swords in Zelda history the most famous is the Master Sword. Combine that with his trusty Hylian shield Link is almost unbeatable.

Link has shown up in the following games:

Legend of Zelda CD-I 1, 2, and 3

The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Links Awakening
Ocarina of Time (Also Master Quest which is just a little more puzzling version of this classic game)
Majoras Mask
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Minish Cap
The Wind Waker
Four Swords GCN (Different than below game.)
Four Swords GBA
Twilight Princess (My favorite.)
Phantom Hourglass

Soul Caliber II (GCN version only)

Super Smash Brothers
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Link's Crossbow training

(All information above this was found in games listed above)

Sometimes Link cameos in other games, I'm pretty sure I've seen more, but all I can remember is this one:

Super Mario RPG for the SNES

Links age is a often argued topic, however Shigeru (I forgot how to spell his first name) Miyamoto clarified that Link is sixteen in his more mature form, which according to him shows up twice. (Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time) The rest of the time he is nine, though often people debate about this in games like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, along with The Adventure of Link and Links Awakening, yes it says time passed, but he still looks like a little kid, so really we can't answer his age to those last few, but all the rest are either nine, or the other two I mentioned he is sixteen.

If you want a url to where Miyamoto says this I'm sorry I lost it.

That concludes this post.

Dark Jinx signing out!

(Yes I have all of those games, 'cept Brawl, Soul Caliber, and the CD-I versions of Zelda, though I'm missing my copy of A Link to the Past/Four Swords.)
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