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Ninja Gaiden; Disgrace to the name of the ninja!
Topic Started: May 8 2008, 09:23 PM (223 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Ok, where to start?
You have to hold it on it's side like brain age. The game play is very bad, imagine a button mashing fighting game, apply it to an adventure game and the mashing a stylus. You kill endless waves of Golems and Samurai by tapping them, slicing them with your stylus or just scrubbing up and down anywhere on the touch screen. Did i mention you move completely with the touchscreen, taking the most direct path to where the stylus is. So all this is going on while the ninja is trying move erratically and fight.
There are plenty of ways to scrubb, but they all essentially do the same thing and scrubbing up and down happens to be your second strongest attack and the easiest. It also happens to render you invulnrable except for a split second due to the rare enemies armed with projectiles don't throw up, and the attack knocks the rushers back.
The game is incredibly easy, sure you have tons of enemies surrounding you, you don't even have to scrub, the enemies basically just rush you and they do little to no damage. On top of that nearly every enemy emits a ball nearly invisible(the hardest part is figuring out they are items and that they exist) each one is collected by tapping and it adds a lot of health back(not that you'll lose much) and magic to your meter. I have to say the only enjoyable parts were the first two enemies and the boss. I can also see people easily getting stuck after the first two enemies because theres a little nook you must go through to advance and i's easy to miss the hole you must touch and your blocked by a wall so you can't see what your doing. The magic is a fire ball and your strongest attack, you just tap an icon make a couple taps on a kanji and then your stylus moves the ball, it lasts surprisingly long as well.
I havn't even touched the insult to ninjas either, the enimies are samurai and golems... No evil ninjas. Golems, golems, golems and more golems and here and there a samurai. They might as well have the enemies be pirates... of course then you could never die.

Pass like the plauge unless you like stylus mashing and scuffed screens.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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