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Would U buy: F-zero Adventure?
Topic Started: Feb 16 2008, 01:20 PM (230 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I'm talking an f-zero spinoff that follows falcon throughout an adventure right after F-zero GX. He would basically interact with all of the racers in some form.

Possible plot
Falcon threw the race and allowed ----- to win, because he was given a chance to catch a fugitive he had been chasing for a long time. He was an evil soldier of Black Shadow and was wanted dead only, he was very violent and no-one had seen his face before, he wore only a cloak. When falcon reached him, he grabbed at his shoulder but ripped his cloak off.
You see Falcon and a shirtless man's back in a dark alley.
Falcons mouth drops as he sees the face...
"Yes, Falcon.... Blood isn't the only one..."
Falcon remorselessly pulls his gun up and abandons his plans to try to deliver the bounty alive and shoots him.
So the basic plot would be Falcon discovers there are more clones of him. He must find where black shadow is hiding and stop him. Little does he know Zoda and some other villians have teamed up and are creating trouble for Falcon. Rigging a ship in a charity race to lose control and forcing falcon to have to jump from car to car to reach the runaway and disable it. Fighting a giant Mr. EAD Zoda has made. Teaming with Beastman to stop a rampaging Biorex released by Blood falcon. Plus falcon has to deal with rivals like Goroh, and hunt down others to help him like digiboy for info or Levin for a loan.
Later He could find himself in a lab and have to fight off mutant clones of himself and Bio rex that have just escaped from their invitro pods.
He could beat Black Shadow to find Deathborn returned and being the one behind the plan. They could also have him interact with phoenix to give him more of a backstory.

Basically every character would pay some role or another.

Would you buy a game like that? A f-zero game out of machines and on foot going through a quest?
Combat and stage layout would probably resemble zelda. (Huge open areas, realistic speeds and melee combat. There would be guns too though!) There would be jumping however, but it would be more horizontal for regular jumps, there would be some acrobatic moves, since falcon is acrobatic though.

I'd buy it on the spot!
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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The Red Admin

I might buy a game like that.
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