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Who do you think is the best villian.
Topic Started: Jan 20 2008, 12:33 PM (168 Views)
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The ninja admin
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There are the two powerhouses that come to mind instantly, the immortal Gannon who must roam the earth for eternity or until the 3 God/Goddesses kill him. Then there is the much cooler purple skinned Vaati who I believe is connected to the wind.
There are some others, but I'm partial to Vaati, he's just so cool he should be the main antagonist of the next console zelda or maybe he should form a team with Gannon.
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Dark Jinx
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Game & Watch
Ganondorf was awesome in Twilight Princess, but in other games he is just meh, Vaati is only cool in Minish Cap. Bellum is sick, but kinda creepy looking, but he like Majora's mask could only be in one game, or else it would just be to complicated. Dark Link was a boss at one time in Zelda II, but he is better as a mini-boss, like in Oot, he was in FSA for the GCN known as Shadow Link, he was all right then, but given lack of 3-D he lost it there.
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