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Wi-Fi games you have.
Topic Started: Dec 31 2007, 04:33 PM (431 Views)
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The ninja admin
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List all wi-fi games you have here, even if they can't be tournament you can use this to network brotherbands and town connections etc.
Make 1(One, Uno) post!
New Please post your friendcode after the game title so everything is all together. Just edit your post don't make a new post please.

Edit new games into the post, you may request a staff bump (By PM)if you edit several new ones in. The first post will be edited to say this person added these on this date. Only the 5 most recent bumps will be up, to keep it clean.

I am going to try a new program, incase someone joins who cheats online. If you are suspected of cheating I or another admin will add a Yellow ♫ (alt+14) next to the correct FC, if a staff member plays you and agrees you seemed to do things impossible or are clearly cheating you will get a red ♫. If you are caught repeatedly lying you will get a red ☻(alt+2). If you attempt to remove these marks you will be penalized.

Also if more people post their codes I'll begin copy and pasting them into another thread in their games board. And if they are posted there but not here I'll Copy and paste them here.

I have:
CustomRobo 1117-8310-9302
Mario Kart 1417-9608-8466
MegaMan StarForce Leo (I already have my brothers filled so, you must PM me and have a high level, then I may delete a NPC)
MegaMan StarForce2 Ninja: 1805-3615-7937 (I needs brothers bad!)
MegaMan Starforce2 Zerker: 5413-1854-1075

SSBB 3093-6749-2108
GuitarHero3 1075-1045-6070
GuitarHeroAero: Later
GuitarHero4: Coming later maybe...
RockBand2: 3980-7591-1540

Bump log:
Gbpa got RockBand
Gbpa got MMSF2
Gbpa Got Brawl
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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