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How challenges work
Topic Started: Dec 31 2007, 04:08 PM (180 Views)
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The ninja admin
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A staff member will post in the title a game and a brief explanation of what it pertains too.
Inside they give the rules and better info on the challenge.
Challenges are things like special restrictions on a particular area or Highscore with restrictions.
There are some things banned from all challenges.
-Action Replay unless specified as a requirement.
-Breaking restrictions

You then succeed and post in the correct topic if you completed or have top score.
To validate this you must have a video or a picture. The topic will say which is acceptable, probably it will mainly be videos. For your sake I'll walk you through easy ways to do so.
1. Get a DVDR(DigitalVideoDiscRecorder)* and connect your Red,White and Yellow plugs into it. There should be a setting to record out of the plug slots. You may also have the ability to record exactly what is playing on screen in which case those colored plugs can stay in your TV.
2. Be sure to test and find the way, or ways, you can use.
3.Take your DVD out when you finish your successful attempt, if you fail a lot of times just reformat your DVD or pick a new DVD.
4.Put the DVD in your computer's DVD slot, (If your computer is that old go to a library, but check their rules pertaining to DVDs)
5. Then upload it to youtube and either embed or link to it. (You may or may not have to put it through moviemaker(free with XP and vista) if you must do so import it and then click the publish button and publish it to your computer/Internet.)

The second way, you must use for DS and handhelds.
1. Get a Video Recorder (If you can't use the first method it must have SD memory compatible to your computers plug in) and record the TV.
If you can use method 1 you may be able to connect it to you DVDR and continue in the steps following. Otherwise you must put the SD card in your slot and extract the movie then go to step 5 of method 1.

*A VCR might work but probably not
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