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Christian; (ity)
Topic Started: Feb 1 2007, 05:28 PM (352 Views)
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The ninja admin
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The religious group that believes in one God composed of the different yet same beings, who are the Father (God the creator of everything), Son (Jesus the son of God who came from him) and the holy ghost. They have differing ideas depending on denominations such as on alcohol and strangely dancing, They all however agree that the belief of Jesus being the son of God and only way to heaven as the savior because he died for their sins is the one and only way to heaven. Some groups disagree but call themselves Christians but are seen as cults except from their (the cults) eyes. Also a true Christian will never commit premeditated murder. Christians also believe after death their soul is freed to be judged by God along with everybody else. The believers go to heaven to live in eternal bliss, while the non believers are sent to an eternal pit of lava.
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