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Rules; Be sure to read.
Topic Started: Jan 17 2007, 05:39 PM (154 Views)
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The ninja admin
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First if were going to have this the rules must be extremely strict so read this first.
Some may fail to realize you can debate vigerously but not be flaming or a jerk, Like I say below if I see you and can pinpoint what you don't understand I'll nicely explain.

1. Politics, religion and so on are fair game. But be considerate flat out insulting and or flaming of ones beliefs is not allowed under ANY circumstances. Example: "I believe communists are bad because..." (you list off legitimate reasons like no freedom ability to arrest you for thinking negative thoughts about the leader and so on.) Is good. "Atheist suck. They are wrong cause I'm right." That's not allowed, but if it was though you'd sound like an idiot.
2. Words like Ni***r arn't allowed.
3. Respect other people, don't bash them because they believe differently. If you feel someone isn't being respectful click report, don't flame or disrespect them. Not only will I prefer that, but you will be better than them.
4. No flame wars.
5. Don't be stubborn, this isn't really a rule but it's in your best interest because if you get cornered people know if your being stubborn and they won't like you. So if your cornered admit defeat whether it's temporary and in a few days to a few months you'll come back prepared, or for good.
6. No direct insults or flaming either.

Why are there these rules.
Nobody wants a brat roaming free bothering them, And were not here to chase other members off. :Nuts:

At first I'll give you the benefit and explain what rule your breaking or tell you if your near the line.
Most likely it won't be any worse than being banned from the debate board.

I may need to add or amend these rules if I do I'll bump this topic.

Note If I moved a topic and in it you weren't following these rules you won't be held responsible.
Now if you have suggestions or concerns for rules you may post them here.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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