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Mario and Luigi; Elemental Conquests; My Story from NSIDER
Topic Started: Nov 29 2006, 04:08 PM (224 Views)
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(This Fan-Fiction is from an idea I got for a fan game. Yes, if you are a fan of my fan-fiction, I am going to try and make this.) *NOTE: This story is about the land of Subcon. If you have never played one of the greatest games ever; Super Mario Brothers 2, then you have no place here.* When posting a comment, if you really liked my story, asked if you can be on the PM List! This is where I PM you when a new chapter comes out.. or several new chapters.. Now, on with the story!

Prolouge: Sweet Dreams?

It came in a dream, just as before. It was a quiet world, the same as Mario's previous dream, except it seemed to be a different part of his 'land of dreams'. It was Subconia, a dark-aged, halted technologicalaly based metropolis in the middle of Subcon. Great creatures were seen in this dream, and in it, Mario went to a collosal sized temple, towering above all buildings throughout the center of Subconia. There he met King Galloway, a lonesome, senile and gray koopa who was against his will in fear. "Mario, my great hero, you have been called for us, for a special quest. One that no ordinary person like me or the next man could do. It's nothing you could overcome alone, though, so you'll need to bring Luigi, too. Anyways, I'll cut to the chase. A few days ago, atop Emerald Hill, bandits were spotted looting the Ancient Temples. Mario, they stoled the Elemental Stones of Subcon, and with it, they have the power of your Star Spirits and the Star Rod. This gives them extreme firepower, son, so come prepared and rarin' for a fight." Suddenly, Mario awoke from his deep sleep, only to find himself in a completely different room. Luigi, who was visiting Sarassaland the night before was sleeping in the bed beside him, too, after he said he would be on a week's vacation.

"Luigi, Luigi" Mario whispered, gazing at his surroundings. Luigi didn't budge, and kept right on snoring. "Luigi" Mario said, in a louder, normal speaking voice now. Still to no avail, Mario got up, and looked out the window. Looking straight down, Mario began to hold his stomach in an estranged sickness. He was in a towering building, of collosal size over a massive sized metropolis town. Was it the town from his dreams?

Just as soon as he heard Mario's stomach growl, Luigi shot up. "Where are we" he questioned Mario, looking as curiously as Mario had been earlier. "Subconia, I had a dream.. and, wow.. I guess we're here" Mario whsipered in grief. "But why would we come here, bro?," Luigi questioned. "Some bandits were spotted on some location called Emerald Hill...can't be too good. King Galloway sai-" Mario was interrupted by the doorknob on his soggy wooden door turning. "Ahh, Master Mario, Master Luigi.. it's a pleasure. I'm King Galloway" the King said, staring at both of them and offering a handshake. "I know what you want Galloway, you came to me in my dreams, but how'd we get here" Mario was quick to question him, politely avoiding the handshake the stranger threw at him. "Ahhh, true magician never reveals his secrets, my boy. Now, here's a map, and as you go down the stairs, Emerald Hill will be straigh aw-" KIng Galloway was interrupted by Luigi's arrogant statement. "Hey, why am I here then? I was enjoying a pleasant cruise and when I wake up from my 'nap' I end up in this shaft of a castle. What Gives?," Luigi said, fuming. "I can't do it alone, bro. King Galloway, you said I would need firepower...what did you mean?," Mario asked still wondering where the heck he was. "Ahh.. check your pockets" King Galloway said with a sense of security. "Hmm.. how'd these get there.." Mario questioned.

Mario nudged through his overalls, finding a suitcase. The suitcase was chalk-full of items he could use on the quest. He had a Subconian Map (which was tattered, stained, and ripped), several Ultra Shrooms, a large horde of Regular Mushrooms, some Life Shrooms, two thousand coins, and a strange object. Mario pulled the object from the suitcase and revealed it as the Star Rod.

"Uhhh.. what's this doing here and how'd it get here" Mario asked, trembling with a hidden fear. "This is your firepower, ace" King Galloway spoke softly, as if he was trying to hide something. Mario was curious as to what he could use it for, but then he remembered Bowser could use it to cast spells. Mario must be needing this for his quest, so he placed it in his suitcase in the same exact spot. Staring politely through, Mario walked through the door and down the stairs. Luigi wasn't as quick to follow, but he stumbled down the stairs, not wanting to go on yet another boring adventure. Mario opened the collosal sized door, and the ancient town of Subconia came into view.

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I like it. I think I might want to be on the pm list.
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[QUOTE=Darknessapprentice,Feb 7 07, 8:23 PM] I like it. I think I might want to be on the pm list. [/QUOTE]
me too. Put me up for the PM list.
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