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Topic Started: Nov 17 2006, 06:44 PM (498 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Mario(Mar-eee-oh)Posted Image
You really don't know? The mustached plumber/doctor/party host/racecar driver/Construction worker is the most well known videogame character of all time even though he stole DK's spotlight. He generally wears red and is always facing off against his eternal nemesis Bowser who always kidnaps his girlfriend Princess Peach toadstool, and her cute mushroom like servants, toads . Dk, among other villians, has in recent years bumped Bowser's villian status a several times.
Mario often adventures with Luigi, his younger twin brother. Luigi is often painted as the jealous, unpopular brother, but you will often find given the choice most people want to play as Luigi. Mario is known for his world famous jumping skills and being a quick change artist only second to Kirby. Mario seems to be good friends with Yoshi and was even saved as a baby by some heroic Yoshis. Mario has Weilded hammers, Fire Flowers, Koopa Shells and many other items throughout his career. There is some debate over whether Dr. Mario is Mario or someone else who looks eerily similar.
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