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Would you have goten Donkey Kong Racing?
Talk to me after I stop crying.. 2 (50%)
Heck yeah 0 (0%)
Probably 0 (0%)
Maybe 0 (0%)
Probably Not 0 (0%)
Heck No 1 (25%)
That was just terrible I'm glad it was canceled! Talk to me after I stop ranting! 1 (25%)
Total Votes: 4
Anyone remember DK Racing?
Topic Started: Jul 8 2006, 04:32 PM (254 Views)
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Star Fox Member
Jul 8 06, 3:32 PM
It was a GCN game that could've been GCN's greatest racing game, But it was sadly cancelled In case you don't know or want to drool over the pictures http://media.cube.ign.com/media/016/016565/imgs_1.html Be sure to watch that video... *Starts crying* Why nintendo? WHY!!!!

i voted "Heck No, That was just terrible I'm glad it was canceled! Talk to me after I stop ranting!" due to the fact i hate Dk V_V
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90% of the world supports god put this in your sig if you are one of the 10% that support the Icon Of S!N
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