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Things to try if you're having trouble.
Topic Started: Jul 8 2006, 11:47 AM (484 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I'm putting this together In case anyone has problems, these are some of the most simple yet unknown problems, so if the forum is a little slower looks funny or something this will probably solve the problem, The problems numbers will get higher as their commoness goes down.

1. Your using Internet explorer or some other poor quality browser.
Go here it's a high quality free browser, Just click download. I use this mainly for forums as it seems to almost have been made to work with InvisonFree and ZetaBoards and will most likely solve all your problems. There's one other reason to not use IE too. It's a lot easier to get viruses and other bad stuff like spyware.

2. You have history coming out your ears.
Some browsers have a history button right there. Most others you must look at the File Edit and so on bar for the history. You can also press CTRL + H to bring it up. Then simply delete your history, History problems Tend to slow your computer down and cause glitches, primarily online, and rarely offline.

3. You meed to clean your computer...
Yeah I said Clean it. No put away the solvents. Go to my computer, Right click on the suspected Hard Drive, and there will probably be Disk clean-up button or a button like that. This checks to see if you have trash in your Recyling Bin, it removes archived files that are no longer needed, Compresses unused files and a couple other things I don't know about.

4. You have fragments.
Go click on my computer, right click on a hard drive go to properties then tools then click defrag and then you should be able to figure out the rest. Fragmentation makes computers super slow and sometimes glitchy.

5. It's your cookies.
Some times you'll get cookies that you'll never use again. These can be deleted. A cookie is a program that speeds up the loading of a website, although they also are often spyware.

6. Someones hogging your bandwidth.
There is not a lot you can do. If it's that someone else in your home is using the net too. You can ask them to get off and give you all 100% of your bandwidth instead of 50-30%. Or the other bandwidth problem is with the IF server too many people are on some forum that is using a lot of the servers bandwith. Start a hacking ring and take them down. (But, Seriously do not do that! >:( )

7. You got viruses.
You should do a virus check. Go here for a free anti virus that updates daily. This is a very good antivirus.

8. You have system problems, Your computer may have corrupted files ETC. The only thing left is to try to reinstall your OS.

There are other problems out there too.
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