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White Lightning Clan; DS WIFi
Topic Started: Apr 22 2006, 02:13 PM (141 Views)
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Hello everybody,

I am Nitro7 of the White Lightning Clan. Our link can be found below:

(Edited not to work for only having one post when you get 5 posts you may add the L I edited out.
We have forums for every WiFi game, and we will keep adding forums for each new one! Now, Why join our clan?

We have a nice set of forums for posting and an active set of members. We also have tournaments actively and you can play somebody else from the clan at many times. You will always see outer clan matches actively too! We have online help forum, too! Next, we have a new tournament opened for only our clan members. The tournament has begun already but you should be around to see the next one! BTW, the top two winners of this tournament will move into the Mario Kart DS League, a clan tournament, which all major clans will participate in. We also have an pretty active battle zone, so you can post there and race anyone whose on at the moment. We have an active time trial of the week section for those time trial lovers!

We all love this game, and so do our members! The forum is new but is beginning to become more active. Looking to sell something? Someone will buy from you here. If you need something, it works the same way. We have a new Hybrid shop (for flowers, plants, etc) and many members looking to buy furniture and other things. We have frequent giveaways, and our current one, offering 3,000,000 bells, can be won just by being the 50th poster on the topic. I perosnally won some giveaways and am rich now! Also, one of our member's friends is a hacker and inserted Billions upon Billions of bells into his town for him. He has money trees, money in the water, etc. So if u need money, just go to him.

If you love Metroid, and are planning to get Metroid Prime: Hunters, then look no further, this site will be Metroid supported once the game is released. Our site should see a boost of activety with this game released! The same goes for Lost Magic, a new RP game (wifi) for DS.

1) New easy-to-use-Java Chat Room
2) Very Active "Chit-Chat" forum
3) Video Game review forum, as requested by our members!
4) New "money" system and store, where u get rewarded for posting!
5) Member of the month
6) New Lost Magic for nindendo ds and wifi!
7) Tips, Tricks, and Glitches forum (MKDS)
8) Animal Crossing Wild World Sales
9) Active "Spam" section to let all of your thoughts out, where posts don't count toward your overall count and rules and low.
10) Want Metroid? Our members are very excited for this game!
11) Much more, including new topics and forums all the time. Come check it all out!

Last, don't have WiFi? It's not needed, and there are LOTS of things to do even if you don't have WiFi. There are many forums for people with different interests! We have an art area, sports section, and more! We have a suggestion box and help area where you can post anything you'd think would be beneficial to the board or something you don't like.

Requirements: There are none. Zip. Zero. You don't need Wifi, but you may put small white Lightning Bolt in the bottom right of your emblem if you play MKDS or AC:WW.

Here are our current statistics:
Our members have made a total of 6,634 posts
We have 159 registered members
The newest member is ForumGameMaster
Most users ever online was 17 on Mar 26 2006, 04:08 PM

If you'd like to join just visit the site (link above), register as a member and post, that's it! Its so easy! Please join, for it will be helpful for you so just give it a try, there's nothing to lose and I know you won't be disappointed.

White Lightning Clan

This is GBPA.
I made the 5 post rule so people couldn't join advertise and flee.
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The ninja admin
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My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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