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Topic Started: Feb 22 2006, 09:52 PM (1,141 Views)
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I feel as though I must register the awesome Kurosen. Though I'd hardly call this a quick-register. And not-that-Nintendo, either. I just feel like registering him. Because he WAS the main antagonist in most RP's with BlackYoshi. o_o

Name: Kurosen

Age: 2000 (Time-Loop)

Race: 50% Human/Nobody, 50% Demon

Look: Organization XIII-style robes, long white hair, glowing red eyes

Background/bio: Kurosen was once a good man, but was tempted to join the dark side. He studied time, and, eventually, discovered the Time-Loop, which made a copy of him 2000 years in the past. There, he sent Lich, Kary, Kraken, and Tiamat (the Four Fiends) to the present time, where they sent the original Kurosen back. There, he fused with his copy and doubled his power. He was then killed, became Hell itself because not even hell could contain him, and wreaked havoc upon the earth. In the end, a group of Yoshis (I'm looking at your characters, BlackYoshi) weakened him, and one of his former cult members ripped out his spine and killed him. He returned back 2000 years in the past via Time Loop, where he waited for 2000 years until the present day came. He then killed Cakrada, Novox, Garland, and Gigatrix and absorbed their powers, becoming the Kurosen that he is now.

Weapons- Oblivion (Dark keyblade), Oathkeeper (Light keyblade), Imperialist

Special Attacks-

Tsunami- A water-elemented attack that drowns the opponent in a continuing wave of rushing water
Judgement/Judgment- An ice-elemented attack that does massive damage and freezes anything in range
Hellfire- A fire-elemented attack that induces massive burns, and sets anything in range on fire
Hurricane- A wind-elemented attack that does massive damage, and anything in range is picked up and thrown about
Earth Fangs- An earth-elemented attack in which a spiked cage of rock surrounds the target, and then implodes, crushing the one trapped in the cage with spikes
Hellís Wrath- A dark-elemented attack in which a wraith absorbs the energy of the target, and restores the casterís energy
Piercing Beam- A light-elemented attack. A ring of light forms around a target and light beams shoot the target from every part of the ring until the ring is destroyed
Shock Coil- A thunder-elemented attack in which the caster holds out their weapon. A lightning beam extends from it and locks onto the target for constant damage.

Aqua Evasion- Water-elemented. The caster turns into a water copy of themselves.
Sub Zero- Ice-elemented. An orb of ice surrounds the caster and almost all attacks against the Sub Zero-guarded person are futile
Flame Wall- Fire-elemented. A ring of un-extinguishable fire surrounds the battle area. The caster can jump into the flames unharmed, where they can jump out and attack at any angle
Tornado Barrier- Wind-elemented. A strong force field of wind surrounds the caster, and anybody (or anything) that comes near is blown far away by the strong winds
Burrow- Earth-elemented. The caster burrows underground (a hole forms, and then closes when they go through). They are free to attack underground.
Demon Lordís Edict- Dark-elemented. A wraith appears and protects the caster. The wraith takes damage for the caster.
Heavenís Gate- Light-elemented. An orb forms around the caster. The orb takes several hits to break, and most attacks prove ineffective
Electic Charge- Thunder-elemented. The caster becomes electrically charged and anything that touches the caster has a highly dangerous shockwave go through it

Poison- Adds poison to the casterís attack skills. Any target that makes contact with these skills are immediately poisoned. This poison is highly dangerous.
Phoenix- The caster incinerates and reforms. They are not healed, but all physical wounds vanish (e.g.: if they lose a limb, they get their limb back).
Clone- The caster creates multiple clones of themselves, all of which can attack
Hadoken- A blast of non-elemental energy. A nuke with the power to level a small kingdom, or a very large township.
Mimic- The caster gains skills that their opponent uses against them.

Element: None

The Imperialist is a sniping weapon. The intent of the Imperialist is for the military to use in the future. It is currently a prototype, but Kurosen managed to get one. The Imperialist fires a red laser beam, and any headshots from it are fatal. Also, the user becomes invisible if they donít move to any other place while using the Imperialist.
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