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Topic Started: Feb 22 2006, 09:52 PM (1,209 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Ok I took this idea from spider, and modifyed it.
Post your most used rp characters here, then when registering just put the name and people can look here. If there is somthing required for the RP that is not here you must include it under your name when joining an rp.
Name: Gbpa
Age: changes. (i'll put it in)
Race: Hylian, human and possibly toad.
Look: A young boy who with a cape\ a young kid obsessed with net battling.
Backround: Unknown
Special weapons: A special sword that can shoot elements.
Element strenghth\Weakness: S:electrik W:wood

Goooy, dastompion, sahalata, (Trio)
over 1000 years old.
triforcian (a mix)
look: Evil
Background: Unknown
special weapons: A super sword, becoming jelly like and engulfing people.
element: (not going into it)

Age:same as GBPA
Race: Gerudo, human.
Look: A boy that seems to be surrounded by eternal shade, With Hair blacker than you ever could imagine.
Background: Unkown other than needing to step into some shade every few hours.
Special weapons: A sword that shoots elements however he is weaker with it than GBPA, Darkpower,
Element: Dark/Fire,

Name: Koopie.
Age: 17
Race: Koopa
Look: A koopa with a bow and light blue shell.
Background: A member of the solar magikoopa clan and shines little sister. She has holy powers and unlike anyone else in the clan can heal people.
Special weapons/attacks: Shell hit, Shell defense, Water wave, Storm, Plant stimulant spell, Magma rain, Volcano creation spell, sheild, Heal, Giga Holy beam.
Element: Holy/Heal.

name: Burning Bam Bro
Age: 20
Race: Hammer bro.
element: Fire
look: A hammer bro with a blue shell and pink helmet.
Special weapons/Attacks: hammers, firballs, Quake, Ham-a-rang, fire ball, Fire floor, hide in shell, Kamakazi blast (He will burn himself causing a ton of damage to himself and anything nearby, Note you can't run away or dodge this with out hiding in the ground or somthing) Hamm-a-copter, Earth sheild(He hit's the ground so it causes a sheild to rise made of the floor..
background:He being desperate joined bowser to save his brothers and sisters from starving. but soon realized he was a good guy and painted him helmet pink to state his rebbelion to bowser and decided to sabatoge bowser and become a hero. Koopies boyfreind.

Name: Shine
look: A magikoopa with a glowing red robe.
Special weapons/Attacks:Magic, Water crush (causes water to fall with great force) lightning force. Plant miracle. Huge volcano creation spell, Armageddon (causes about 40 flaming meteors to fall, the slightest touch will make them blow up, and with a BIG blast.) Sheild, Reflect sheild, confuse(causes confusion and blurry vision) Sound shot, flight spell, invisibility, warp (can't be used alot) Element shot, Holy beam.
Background: The brother of koopie, and an ex bowser suporter, He was an ally to burning bam bro. and one of the strongest magikoopa's. A member of the solar(or Miko in japanese) magikoopa clan he graduated magic traing at an ealy age surpassing even his teachers. He also has a strange necklace what purpose it serves no one knows. A good freind of Burning Bam bro. he defected from bowser with him. Exept he was a spy waiting for an excuse to get away from bowser BBB served that purpose by giving the idea BBB converted him.

Name:Spike Jr.
Age: 15
*Theres a flash your pictures been taken you must put it in the form(Describe in appearence*
Appearence:a young blueish yoshi boy with shades sometimes and a red mohawk.
Bio: A yoshi who likes to fight.
Any Special abiltys you may have: Lava launch, Sonic sneeze, Bad breath, Burpquake, Tear tourent, Cold stare, Electric shot, blow, warp, Leaf launcher, Brain breaker, alpha-omega ground pound, Eat, Homing string tounge, Element egg, The final strike, Flutterflying, egg defense.
Species: Yoshi

Name:Rex Jr.
*Theres a flash your pictures been taken you must put it in the form(Describe in appearence*
Appearence:A red yoshi with shades and a blue mohawk.
Bio:The twin brother of spike, he's about 5 minutes older than spike, And through an acident became part netnavi.
Any Special abiltys you may have:Chip attack, Cross soul, Fireball, Fire Blast, High pitched scream. (Can stop foes cold because it's frequency is so high), (He merged with a navi and can become more like his foes) Flame out (he bursts flames and puts off a super hot sheild of heat) Alpha omega ground pound, element eggs, egg defense.

Here is the code for registering:
Special weapons/attacks:
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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Wow, this place totally need help. I guess no one here is into RP's.
But just cause I feel like it, I'll post my most used.

Name: Rosuto
Age: 14
Race: Yoshi
Look: A Black Yoshi with a spike collar wings, a black Toads vest with golden outline and a Yellow Beam Scythe.
Backround: His Clan is Advanced in technology and very intelligient.
Speacial Weapons: Beam Scythe, Telekinesis, Sword
Elemental Strength: Psychic, Fire, Metal, Gravity, Darkness, Sound
Elemental Weakness: Ice

Name: Meshi
Age: 14
Race: Yoshi
Look: An Orange Yoshi with a blue scarf, and a Staff with a flame on the end that keeps changing colors.
Backround: His family took in Rosuto after he fell from Space Sanctuary.
Speacial Weapons: Elemental Staff, Telekinesis, Kunai.
Elemental Strength: All
Elemental Weakness: None really, I guess speed.

Name: Naomi
Age: 16
Race: Ice Shinobi/Human
Look: A 16 year old girl with a strapless red chinesse dress and Dragon arm bracelet.
Backround: She is related t Haku and is a Stealing Nin.
Speacial Weapon: Senbons (Giant Needles) Kunai, Guillotine Sword, a little Psychic.
Element Strength: Water, Ice, Darkness, Wind.
Elemental Weakness: Elec.

Well there you go. I have many more but I don't think this site will have RPG battles anytime soon.
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Rosuto as a Yoshi!!!!!
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The ninja admin
[ * ]
Yeah the Rp board needs to get some enthusiastic members. (One person can't Rp alone) I'd import some of my own but Spider killed SGJ so it takes a little longer since BD is closed. Also I need staff but no-one is applying...
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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Personality:Frienbly and confident.
Making:I made him as an imaginary friend when I was four. He's my best friend.
Look:Looks like Tails but has a machine gun strap across his chest and a large spiky dog collar around his neck that is too big for him. And he is the coulor red.
History:Was a lost son of Tails. Now he is hunted down by sonic for killing Amy. Also has a ship called the red fox
Speical: Has a dagger that can make ripping uppercuts.
Elemental: Fire, Ice, thunder, Dark, Holy, Goo, Water and ultima.

Name:Kaboom, the yoshi
Personality:Depreesed but funny and confident.
Looks:A yoshi the colour orange.
History:A farmer. Nothing more.
Specail: will cast fire when in trouble

Personality:confident and funny
Look:Has a bow on her head and looks like Tails but the coulor brown
History:Girlfrind of Flail
Elemental: everything that Flail has.
Specail:Ninja stars.

Name: Luteniut
Age: ??
Personality: Loyal and hardworking
Look: Like a lutenant
History: Is the navigator and preserved enginerrist for the fed fox.
Elemental: none
Specail: none
I AM LINK KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The ninja admin
[ * ]
(I meant for YoshiTropolis the special thread for registering there Sorry. Click on sorry for the link to it.)
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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whoops. Sorry.
I AM LINK KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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General Guy
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Kamek's Apprentice, Fawful's Fink-Rat
Name: Marcus, Markum
Age: 15, 15
Race: Hammer Bro/Koopa
Look: A Flying Green Koopa with unlimited Hammers in one hand.
Background: Originally an innocent Koopa of Yoshi's Island, Kamek gave him Powers to become a flying Hammer Bro
Special weapons: Hammers
Element: Ground
Weaknesses: Speed, Fire, Ice
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Star Fox Member
This is a character that I use a lot on other forums.

Look:Wears the traditional shinobi shozoku, which covers his entire body in black except his upper face. His eyes are red.
Personality:Completly indifferent, and sometimes angry, but this covers up depression. In fact, when no-ome is around, he often cries.
Background/bio:The only known thing is that he has been left to die three times in his life.
Special weapons/attacks: He wields a Shadow Katana at his hip, and can completly control fire and darkness,
Element: Darkness/Fire
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Name: Damien
Age: 29
Race: human/magi (mage)
Look: blue hair, red eye, green jacket, black pants, pirate hat, eye-patch (one of his eyes got poked out by a very sharp stick) and a southern accent
Background/bio: very normal person, neutral and one mean son-of-a-gun
Special weapons/attacks: 3 ball flail, a skull, shadow chains, dark fire ball, dark fire wall, dark lightning
Element: darkness, shadow
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credit to CrimsonEXE of Forum Nintendo<a href='http://eapr-1/@1@SSBM%20LUGI%20LORD@2@@' target='_blank'></a>
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Well this is the first time I RP. Any tips? 'u'

Name: BooHawk
Age: 15
Race: Boo
Look: A boo with a Mohawk
Background/bio: Created in an ordinary day in class as a doodle
Special weapons/attacks: (I'll think of some and I'll edit)
Element: Ice
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