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The adventures of don mario.
Topic Started: Jan 15 2006, 08:53 PM (286 Views)
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The ninja admin
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This fanfic is a little darker.

Part 1
Ok first this is about the parents of Mario and Lugi.
Main characters.
Antonio Mario: AKA don Mario a deadly mob boss. (it's pg though)
chief Roy (last name unknown):antonio's half brother a policeman. (this is a salute to another nintendo character.
Don pianta sr.:an associate to Antonio
don pianta Jr.: the son of sr.
More will be added later.

"Antonio i can't believe it your going into the mob!" "Yes mom..." "Get out! YOU SCUM! Why couldn't you join the police like your half brother?" After that he snaps "Your not my mother you freak look at those stupid ears and that big purple nose and this is my dads house!" "Son i'm ashamed of you." his father mumbles "I'll do good as a mob boss I'll go live with my good friend down that sewer pipe don pianta and you'll never see me again!" Antonio cries as he runs out of the house. "Roy would you mind following your brother with some of your team and take over his world and force him back here so i can talk some sense into him?" The imposing figure asks as if he was a dog asking for seconds "sure dad. and I'll end our rivalry once and for all..Heh,Heh." The snobby man says "what son?" "ughhh nothing father" Roy says as he runs toward the manhole.

part 2: The real story begins.
"Who does he think he is trying to control me!" Mario (Antonio unless i specify it's his son Mario is Antonio) says after Roy grabbed him and started a fight but I'll go back a few minutes. Roy grabs Mario's neck from behind and turns him around and punches him in the face and starts strangling him. "Dad wants me too take you back but I've had enough of you!" Mario passes out and Roy throws him down and kicks him and gets his gun ready in case Mario was still alive but has to go. So he runs over to a dark corner of the sewer Mario recovered and limped toward the pipe. "Hey get back here so I can finish you!" Roy yells Mario already had crossed over though and Roy dashed to get in before Mario had finished closing it off to those incapable of passing but he dropped the gun. Roy got in and a couple Piantas appeared to protect Mario and that's where it began. "Well he wanted to ask you a few things but this isn't over my team has gotten transportation technology down and will be here in no time of course without you I doubt we'll get out of here but I'll be back and I'll finish you!"
"Please half-bro...We Can get along." "Roy Wicked, will get revenge! I'm going back to my Mom's last name, I can't stand to be associated with you."
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Nice but you need to say who is saying it, like this:

Mario: Hi Luigi how you doing?
Luigi: Good!

But with your characters!
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The ninja admin
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Part 3 new
Mario reaches up as he feels some pain on his face and when he pulls his hand down he sees it dripping red. Mario's eyes begin to glaze and he sees a puddle and kneels down to look at him self. He sees blood dripping from his face and his nose twisted to an odd angle. His mouth opens and he falls face first into the puddle. All of the sudden he feels great and realizes he's flying he has a winged red cap. He flys all around rainbows and clouds with faces. Then it get's dark and he begins to plummet. Below him lava ready to digest his flesh. He falls into the lava and all goes black.
He put's his hand up and feels sweat pouring off of himself. "Where am I."
"You passed out, You had lost so much blood you became delirious you talked about feeling free then, as your fever got worse you talked about pain the of your skin burning off. I brought you back... It's been 3 weeks." "Don?" Mario says. "Yes Pianta, Don pianta." Mario sits up and sees someone next to him. "Who is she she's so beautiful..." Mario says shocked. "She's Paula, the daughter of the legendary Spike construction family's CEO from earth... Some how she's noticed you and your brother and ended up here. Antonio! Look at me..." Antonio grudgingly looks away. "she passed out at the sight of your bloody body. She fell on a bald cleft and has a concussion." Pianta finishes and walks out the door. Then the Girl wakes up and antonio begins talking to her.

Look for megaman plug because I can't think of anything.
Roy looks around... "Bill crygor and your dog and cat... Jackie mantis... John T. and your wife... That stupid dog obsessed with italian icecream... Dan the goth... Miss fahran and you nobodys... Thats everyone" He walks up to John T. "I thought I told you to keep that freak Dan out! Tell him he needs to investigate that strange clan of fire breathing tortoises and train them, he's going to get burned one day. The rest of you find antonio! except you..." He points to fahran. I have something important to make you do...
Crygor flys off being just 20 and scan but doesn't find anything. He doesn't notices his pet's changing here either or that they begin making a cab.
Mantis is training his martial arts against the T's dance moves.
Dan however sits at the edge of a pit... tossing turtle feed backward.. "Hey! You the goth Freak!" A devil is hovering there... "I need someone to protect my son... You will somehow give birth to a daughter one day and die... My son will be her master, and one day kill her." Dan is in awe at the devil's offer as he always wanted a daughter but is too big off a freak... he shakes his hand and feels a jolt. He feels power growing and points at one turtle who begins growing larger in a cocoon. "You will have an army dan... Until I come for your soul..."

Both mario and paula sit at pianta SR's table. "Pass the penene please." Antonio says. Paula giggles while she passes it. "Your so cute Antonio."
Pianta Looks a bit uneasy almost as if he knew all that was happening... "I just hope I'm wrong. I don't want to explain that to my wife. I mean thats going to be the baby's room." He thinks before saying. "Mario we have a big day today, Toadsworth wants everything perfect for his son's wedding, we have to keep the shyguys from causing mayhem. You know they cause trouble we make them stop breathing... Standard mafia stuff." Paula interupts and says "I want to help." Pianta replys "well kid it's not that dangerous just keep your self low if they have bullet bill cannons."
Roy leaves with an angry face. "Mantis watch out..." He says and get's the rhetorical reply "I need more training than martial arts will beat disco." "Discos in our blood it's a fever!" Mr. T says. "I heard they are going to protect the mushroom wedding from shyguys." Crygor says as he opens a freezer that his pets walk in. "Here these are special steroids." He closes it. Roy takes the steroids and begins bloating... "What?" Roy shouts before some expletives. "Must be some bugs." Crygor says bewildered. "You think?!" Roy shouts. Let's get to the castle.
Dan shots "with this power no one could stop me!" "Except me..." a robed figure says before using a wand to push dan into the lava luckily dan is covered in soot just right the lava doesn't hurt him or perhaps it's the devil's doing. "I took his powers now to create a minion."
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