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Halloween Challenges
Topic Started: Oct 9 2010, 12:33 PM (110 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Alright. There will be several special challenges that will be posted. Winning these will earn you candy. You can use this candy to buy special rewards starting in November. Depending on how many people participate the rewards will vary. You will also be able to challenge other people to challenges of your own making, but that is for another thread. You still must upload a video. (Doesn't everybody have a DVDR by now?) Check back periodically for new challenges.

Breaking down the first if you take no damage you earn 300 candy. If you fail, but only are damaged once you get 75 instead. You could still try again for the highest reward, an additional 225 candy to the 75 you earned. If you are the fastest when everyone else submits their runs, you will get a bonus 100 candy.


Eww... I got dead people goo on me
Complete Transylvania as fast as possible, taking no damage.
No damage run = 300 candy
1 hit run = 75 candy
Fastest = 100 candy

Subspace Emissary
Complete the moon as fast as possible killing no enemies other than the boss.
No kills = 500 candy
1-4 kills = 200 candy
5+ kills = 100 candy
Fastest = 100 candy
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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