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Emu ethics?
Topic Started: Jun 21 2010, 04:51 PM (223 Views)
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The ninja admin
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First off, I'm not endorsing emus; i'm simply posing the question about ethics. Also i'm referring to the emus you can be arrested for, not stuff like MS Dos that emulates the Dos OS.

Are Emus inherently evil? Are there times there isn't anything morally wrong with emus? Putting aside the legality, is it founded and unethical in all cases?
What if there is a game that was never released in America? No one loses one penny, because you would have never played it otherwise; and you may actually help bring the game over to America to be bought legally.
Also, what if you can no longer buy a game new? Publishers won't earn anything if people use emus, but neither will they if you buy a used game. Is it then irrelevant if you buy a game used and put several dollars into GameStop's pocket? GameStop did nothing worthy of earning anything on used games. They give someone $5 for a game and turn around and sell it for $47 dollars without a manual or game case; it pretty much guarantees you won't trade in when you see your game selling for the same price used as new, and they are like 'We'll give you $4.83.'
I think we would all agree using an emu when you can buy new is wrong, and even going so far as to be retarded; if you really like the game you need to support it with money, otherwise there will be no sequels or support. It doesn't matter if everyone on the planet plays, if only a few percent paid the game will fail and what you will love will be destroyed by your hand.

Putting the law aside, is it really immoral to use roms for foreign games or games that are no longer sold new?
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