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Review TvC; TatsunokoVsCapcom; best fighting game ever?
Topic Started: Jan 30 2010, 12:45 PM (144 Views)
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The ninja admin
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This game has been hyped so much, so can it live up to its expectations?

Graphics 9.5/10
This is entirely subjective; if your asthetic tastes are polar opposite to me, you will likely say 0/10. Even if you don't like the style, a more attractive version of SF4's graphics, you have to admit it has been very well done; apart from the developers' acceptance of letting Zero's hair clip through his shoulder. All of the games models look incredible, the special effects are top notch; each character even has 4 different colors.

Controls 10/10
Please note I have only played with the GCN controller, but I have a feeling everybody will play with a GCN controller. The game was actually designed to be played on a GCN controller; so I feel I don't need to try the other methods.
The most marked difference with the controls is the reduction of 6 attack buttons to 3. If you have been playing StreetFighter games since the beginning, it may feel awkward at first. Nevertheless, 3 buttons are plenty and you will soon find you hate to go back to 6, after feeling the control scheme fighting games should have always had. Also you can change how the buttons are mapped, so really the controls will be perfect if you edit them to your liking.

Gameplay 9/10
The game is incredibly fun to play. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses; some seem a bit weaker and clunky than others; but they are pretty well balanced. I have not seen such depth in a fighting game since I played Roy and Pichu in Melee. From comboing your supers with a partner to doing a suicide explosion or powering up, thanks to the damage your enemy gave you. The other gameplay issue is with a character. One Doronjo will have your screen completely filled with characters and weapns, but two makes the fight a little painful and confusing. There are even two mini-games you can play during the credits.

Replay 12/10
This by far is the game with the most replay value. Not even Mario Party, Kirby's Airride, F-zeroGX or Melee can quite compare. This game is so fun, you will find yourself sneaking off for a few fights whenever you have the opportunity. With over 24 characters; you have a lot of endings to see and characters to master. The game has tons of unlockables, a secret shooting mini-game and online, so you will never tire of this game. Let's not forget they left the door open for DLC...

Overall 10/10
If you have a Wii, you must get this game. If you don't and you have ever liked a fighting game, you must buy a Wii just for this game; this game is that fun. I have played many fighting games and this is the best fighting game I've played.
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