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What are your new years wishes?
Topic Started: Dec 30 2009, 10:28 AM (130 Views)
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The ninja admin
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As you may know, a new year is a new beginning. A chance to have a better year; a time to make a wish on what you want in the new year. It is said strong pure hearted wishes may be granted when made on new years eve. Why people disagree, some think God will consider these desires; other believe in more mystical reasons. You may have also heard a second full moon is occurring new years eve; legend states a full moon collects the wishes of the world and broadcasts those wishes throughout the universe until the next new moon. The second new moon is said to project those wishes until the next second full moon. Compounded with this being on new years, wishes are more likely than ever to be granted.

So what are your wishes/prayers for yourself in the new year. If many people wish for the same things it is said to make the granting of that wish even more likely. So after you make your wish/prayer consider wishing for the other member's wishes/prayers to be answered.

I'll be praying for God to give me guidance and to take me down his road for me. A girlfriend would also be nice though. :P
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