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Pokemon Rumble; This game is great! & I don't like Pokmn
Topic Started: Nov 16 2009, 11:32 PM (131 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I am seriously impressed by this game and I really couldn't care less about Pokemon. You can play cooperatively in a drop in/ drop out gameplay much like NewSuperMarioWii. The game is very easy, I only died once and it was a cheap shot, so I would imagine the difficulty could be an issue at a party; of course if you are playing with many people you probably are in a very casual mode. This game is a lot like a beat em' up, dead enemies will either become coins or will become pickups that you can use. Say you kill Pikachu, his carcass may be left in decent shape and you can play as him if you pick it up. You can swap through as many pokemon as you want, they will never regain health while in a stage though, and you are open while you shuffle for the guy you want to tag you out. There is no pesky level upping, but when you collect the bodies of your slain enemies they have different statistics. Your first pikachu may have very little health and power, but then you get one with 100 health and a lot of power. You can sell excess pokemon at the world select screen however, so you don't have to hold onto 15 different pikachus. The money you collect can be used to try to get a new ally, or to gain new attacks. Beware you can only hold two attacks however. Most seem pretty similar, but ivysaur has one that breaks the mold by firing two diagonal beams, while emitting you can rotate to pull in enemies in your blindspots. The stages are not very long and not incredibly interesting, but if you want to get all 150 pokemon with good stats you will probably return again and again. It really is fun to kill other pokemon, I could see it getting old if you don't have people playing with you though. There also is a battle royal mode, but you get tossed in with pumped enemies and if you get hit once you die; so I can't tell you about that.
This is how pokemon should be, a simple casual party game, this is what pokemon was made to be. This game will also probably appeal to your girlfriend, so that may be reason enough to get it. It is very expensive though. If the game can appeal to someone like me, it probably would have all pokemon fans foaming at the mouth. The experience I had with this game makes me suspect the pikachu in an amusement park game, could actually be good.
If you like pokemon you probably will love this game, the price is very high for a wiiware game however. You may want to ask people to put points on your wii for Christmas.
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