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What does it mean to be a Christian
Topic Started: Nov 7 2009, 10:09 PM (143 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I am simply curious how many people can even hit in the general direction, whether they are or are not Christian.
What does your general understanding of being a Christian mean? I have the unfortunate feeling that very few people really grasp what being a Christian means; and it deeply saddens me. T_T
To clarify I am asking what does God wish his people to do in general, not mixing in any specific personal nuances for how God would like them to focus. Mainly asking about the action oriented duties of a Christian, I am not asking what they get or how God blesses them etc.

So what do you think God wants us to do?

I think God has revealed in general how a Christian should live and associate.
Please note: I will most likely butcher explaining this to the justice it deserves, but I am in no way claiming to be perfect.

I'd like to let you raise my spirits a little if possible, so before I explain what I believe I'll let you try to hit in the general direction. I'd also like to get what some atheists, agnostics or other religions think a Christian is supposed to do. I think I know how they would interpret us, simply because actions speak so much louder than words. Then the fact so many Christians are relatively lukewarm and generally causing more trouble than good. I
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1-up Mushroom
Being a "Christian" doesn't seem to mean much in today's culture. There's people that say they are Christians and still find themselves committing sins every day, sex before marriage and various other things that are against what being a Christian really is.

It's a phrase that's very loose fitting today if you ask me.
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