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NeoIconPrimary 9/12/09; Deadline 9/18/09
Topic Started: Sep 12 2009, 10:13 AM (120 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Note: Nominated characters from the prior elections are not carrying over.
How it works
This is your chance to let your voice be heard and have a hand in changing this forum for the better. You can have a hand in what new icons are uploaded. Is there one you really want to see? Well, now is the time to voice your opinion! (to see the current icons, hover over preferences and select change avatar.)
-You may make up to 20 nominations.
-Post any game character
-Feel free to offer images of a character
-Non-gaming characters you should supply an image.
-Please put offered images in spoiler tags.
-No real people for icons.
-Make sure it is not a blacklisted character
-Be very descriptive of what you want or prepare to be dissapointed. For example clarify FireMan or FireMan.exe. Blue Yoshi Versus Pink Yoshi, etc.
-No voter fraud
-The top 10 will advance to the Final Vote.
-Nominated icons will remain in the Final Vote round for 3 elections
-Do not nominate icons that will still be in the Final Vote from previous Primaries. For example if Green Koopa has not expired, don't nominate Green Koopa. You can however, nominate Red Koopa, Kooper, etc.
-If you would like to help with the election. Go to your preferences, then under profile options select joinable groups and join the Icon Election Group.


PyroGuy - To my knowledge we have exhausted all resources of PyroGuy. A nomination for him requires a new image.
Already in

Announcement! After this I am probably going to shorten the titles of these topics to NIP(Neo Icon Primary) and NIV(Neo Icon Voting) please make note.
Winners of the last election are...

This time i'll nominate

Felix -GS (however it fits best)
Ludwig Koopa
Bass (chest up shot)
Regular Grubba(I think, its the guy from PaperMario2 in the glitzpit)
Tom Nook
Crazy Red
Mayor Tortimer
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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Posted Image
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