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Test of Time GH3
Topic Started: Sep 2 2009, 12:04 AM (124 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I'm going to be doing some "Test of Time" reviews of older games in franchises that pump sequel after sequel out with very little changes, comparing them to their descendants.

I'm going to be comparing this too GH4 and RB2. Please be aware that a score of 5/10 in a Test of time review, means it is about as good as what it is compared too.

Graphics - 3.5/10
For the most part the graphics are perfectly fine, the venues and characters look better than those in GH4, because they are not glowing mutants! They are probably on par with RB2, the unique encore animations for every venue are a great touch. You may be thinking "It should have at least a 6!" Well for the most part it is good, it has one terrible shortcoming though. When you activate starpower, the notes and the highway become almost the same color, making seeing the notes tough.

Gameplay - 3/10
Like graphics this pains me a little. The game however has some flaws. Yes the graphics problem affects gameplay, although i'm not even considering that issue. They seem to have designed the game to "paralyze" you after you miss a note or overstrum, which randomly overstrumming seems too easy compared to the newer games. If you miss anything after getting a halfway decent multiplier, it will reject any strums for about a second, this can mean missing one note could cost you three more. This makes it difficult to get into the rhythm or back into the rhythm. This game also likes making your fingers jump, particularly with yellows. This can cause some fatigue after a while. The real issue is it is the fret with the long bump, and having to constantly press it can make the tip of your ring finger sore. It also lacks other instruments, but i'm not going to dock there.

Difficulty - 2/10
The graphics issue docks here too. The gameplay issues also affect difficulty. Not being able to jump right back in makes you miss even more notes, and a sore finger can become a shy finger that doesn't want to press. Otherwise the difficulties are alright, the medium to hard gap is too wide however.

Multiplayer - 3.5/10
The multiplayer, ignoring the other issues is mostly good. However if one person is doing terrible they can bring you all down and you have to do starpower together in co-op. Alternating parts of a song is also weird.

Songs - 7/10
There are a lot of great songs, it is far better than GH4, but probably about equal to RB2.

Replayability - 6/10
If you can get past the gameplay and graphics issues, you will have a ton to replay. Since you have to play each difficulty from the start on, you will be playing for a long time.

Final - 4.2/10
I would recommend this game or RB2, avoid the newer GH like the plague. Just be sure you a ready to work past the issues.
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