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Topic Started: Aug 27 2009, 10:16 PM (201 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Who else is excited and planning to get this?! Let's keep ourselves all hyped!

Ok, I admit this is about 25% a ploy to get people excited and wanting this game. Why? Ok, lets look at this, Capcom is taking a big risk localizing a game in which half of the characters no one has heard of. We have people complaining about no hardcore, and this game is StreetFighter4:lite. Ok so this is the closest Wii owners can get to SF4, for now. So now imagine if it sells a zillion copies early on. What will Capcom think? They will think "Wii owners eat up our "hard-mediumhardcore" games, or at least the fighting games. They are so starved, or maybe open minded they will buy a game even though they only know half of the characters. Let's see how we can put out more hardcore games for Wii." That is the main reason that hardcore games are a teensy bit sparse, particularly the good ones. A company releases "The Hardcore" Wii game and it bombs, while WiiMusic sells a million copies... We need the game to all unite and buy, this game will be awesome unless it is like Marvel Vs. Capcom1. Regardless they plan to include online play, so it also would be a great game for an entire community to own. Oh and we US gamers are getting 4 BONUS characters! 4! This is "The Game" to reward for!

the other 75% is because this game looks ******* AWESOME!
MegaMan, Roll, Viewitiful Joe and some really cool looking Tatsunoko. (oh and the final boss is
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I am so getting this game!
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Edit: Almost Bad news. One character(Hakushon Daimo or something) has been removed because he couldn't be licensed for America. We won't be missing much though, he was a "huge" bumbling fool taking pretty much all of Japans black stereotypes and pasting them on a white genie. His ending consists of him riding a magic carpet for about ten seconds and his mini-game is a bare minimum mathematical training game that doesn't even appear to take advantage of the Wii's pointer. Still we are getting 4 more characters then Japan, so do we care about missing a socially volatile looking genie?
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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