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Guidelines for acceptable content
Topic Started: Aug 25 2009, 02:03 PM (128 Views)
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The ninja admin
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-Please only post guides or FAQs you have made or have been given permission to post.
-If it is someone else's you need to press the PrintScrn key when you have your response and their responses pulled up on your computer screen. Go into a graphics program and create new from clipboard, save it, upload it to imageshack and then you must then PM the image to an admin. You may crop out other portions of the screen.

-If you have noticed someone has taken your guide without permission, please PM an admin with proof it is yours. If you provide sufficient proof we will remove it. Note if you let one of your guides be posted here we are not obligated to take it down at your whim.

-Have the guide in a post. Links to text documents are not ok unless an admin gives you permission.
-Use a title that is accurate and not misleading. For example "MarioParty3Guide" or "MarioParty3YoshiGuide" would be good. "YoshiGuide", "MP3Guide", "Guide" or "XXXX'sGuide" would not be good choices. MP3 would be bad because it is a file type and also could stand for MetroidPrime3, the other two could be for any game.
-Don't perpetuate false rumors, such as the Toad is in SSBM rumor.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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