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I forgot how cheesy MegaManXCM is.
Topic Started: Aug 6 2009, 10:35 AM (565 Views)
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The ninja admin
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The game is awesome, it even has some pretty good voice actors. It also has laughable voice actors. I have noticed the fewer lines the worse the acting is. I laughed through Aile's death, not because the acting was that bad, but simply because Aile apparently is telepathic and paralyzed like the doctor guy or whatever X-men. He just talks with a straight face, sitting there. His mouth doesn't budge, ever. He just stares talking out of who knows where. His actor was a little funny and the script was also kind of funny. Everything is like a plain statement, even when he gets emotional you just sense a slight bit of emotion in his voice. "I will not let you pass!" "I am Aile."
Video because you have to see to see the awesomly horribleness!
Most of the bosses I have fought so far on my play through I laughed through their evil dialogue. And at the inconsistincies to make them evil.
Silverhorn:"The Rebellion army owns you now. Don't forget that!"
Wait I thought the rebellion was all about furthering the rights of Reploids to exceed the rights of humans... Doesn't intimidating and manipulating a jailbait Reploid girl, kind of damper Reploid rights. Silverhorn pay attention to your party's platform!
I also laughed through Massimo's death because of how I didn't feel the real Massimo was really suffering or dying. (Plus the whole scene was a little too sappy for such poor acting.)
Massimo "Dies"
I imagine I will have to come back and post more videos as I keep playing.
I also laughed when X's actor payed no attention to the script and just read over it. Pronouncing Prof, short for professor "prahf" like profit, rather than Pruhf or Pr-oh-f
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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