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Team StarFox
Topic Started: Aug 3 2009, 06:00 PM (287 Views)
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Team StarFox (teem st-ahr fawks) Posted Image
The StarFox team is a group of mercenary ace fighter pilots. Although being mercenary, Team StarFox basically are Cornerian army soldiers. Many characters have been part of Team StarFox over the years and many have departed from the team, albeit sometimes temporary. The first generation consisted of General Pepper giving support, James Mcloud, (not pictured) Peppy and the creep Pigma Dengar. Pigma betrayed the team and got James Mcloud killed, Peppy barely escaped from Andross. Pigma then joined Team StarWolf and would taunt Fox Mcloud about how his father died a morbid and grotesque death. Even Wolf wouldn't deal with that creep for long though. Peppy continued to keep StarFox alive while Fox grew into his father's footsteps. Fox took his father's place and offered his best friend, Falco Lombardi a position on the team. Slippy, an excellent mechanic and Fox's other close friend also joined the team and created ROB to assist the team and Autopilot the GreatFox. Peppy remained on board to act as a mentor to Fox and the other members. After defeating Andross, however, he was getting to old to continue to pilot and resigned himself to easy going work on The GreatFox and eventually resigned from the team, to work Officially in the Cornerian Army. Falco got bored and also resigned, leaving the team as Slippy, Peppy, Fox and later Prince Tricky, during the mission on Sauria. Falco rejoined the team at the very end of the game, however. Krystal decided to hitchhike home on the GreatFox and eventually joined StarFox taking the spot left by Peppy. A few other minor characters have worked with the team, but never properly joined like the ones already mentioned.

At 125 posts Fox has agreed to make the members of NRPM Honorary StarFox Members. Unfortunately, you probably won't get to fly an Arwing or LandMaster.
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