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"Metroid" Adolescent
Topic Started: Aug 3 2009, 10:33 AM (196 Views)
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The ninja admin
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"Metroid" Adolescent (met-royd ad-oh-less-ent) Posted Image
This is the most basic Metroid, it hasn't grown into or been mutated into an adult form. Metroids are similar to jellyfish in appearance. They will float in and then attach to their prey and begin sucking the energy out of them. Traditionally they can only be killed if shot with the Ice Beam and then bombarded with missiles. Metroids are often key to the Space Pirates plans. This led to an order to kill every Metroid which caused a disasterous population growth of the more dangerous X parasites, a Metroids primary prey. There are countless forms that the Metroids have taken due to aging and mutation by various forms of radiation.

Here at NRPM Metroid is a rank; just don't suck the forums bandwidth all for yourself.
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