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Topic Started: Aug 2 2009, 11:31 PM (4,383 Views)
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Koopalings (coo-puh-lih-ngs) Posted Image
The Koopalings are Bowser's seven children. They first appeared in SuperMarioBros. 3. One of them went to each world and stole the King's magic scepter and used it to turn him into an enemy form SuperMarioBros.2 USA an edited version of DokiDokiPanic. When you reached a castle the Koopalings airship would appear and would have to chase it down. In SuperMarioWorld each world's castle was guarded by one of them. They returned in Mario and Luigi to act as mini-bosses throughout Bowser's castle. Each one used different tactics so Mario or Luigi would have to learn each bosses pattern. They are going to return in NewSuperMarioBros. Wii as bosses.
The Koopalings are composed of Ludwig, Roy, Morton Jr., Iggy, Lemmy, Larry and Wendy.
Bowser Jr. is not considered to be a Koopaling and some suspect Bowser Jr. is simply one of the Koopalings as a toddler, probably Ludwig or Morton. This theory is interesting considering Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings have never been featured in the same game. Ludwig would be a likely candidate because he is the oldest, Morton because he has Jr. in his name. Those two also bear a closer resemblance to Bowser himself.

Koopaling is also a rank here at NRPM.
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