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CopyMan; (AKA) CopyRobot
Topic Started: Jul 18 2009, 01:13 PM (322 Views)
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CopyMan (cop-ee-man) Posted Image
The image depicts A crude replica of MegaMan. While MegaMan was storming Wily's castle in the first game, wily had his computers analyzing him. To MegaMan's horror he comes face to face with a semi-holographic double of himself. Some think that the rematches in each game are actually a set of CopyMen copying each boss. CopyMan seemed to be a little dependent on MegaMan because whenever you would change weapons copyman would change to the same weapon. In MegaMan 3 he returned with 2 pure hologram MegaMen, he still changes to match MegaMan's color, but sticks with the buster.
In MegaManBattleNetwork 3, the 3rd ranked Netnavi is CopyMan.exe, a reference to this CopyMan. In that game however, he copies GutsMan.exe.
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