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Topic Started: Jul 17 2009, 09:42 PM (106 Views)
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The ninja admin
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IceMan (Eyes-man) Posted Image
Dr. Light built cute little IceMan to go into areas where the climate was so frigid that it was uninhabitable to life. IceMan was to do what humans could not survive long enough to do and could endure intense cold without breaking a sweat. Antennas needs to be put on the south pole? Scientists are trapped in an avalanche? Send in IceMan to save the day! Dr. Wily, Light's former assistant, wouldn't stand for IceMan to help humanity, IceMan and the other robots he and Light created must be used to further his ambitions.
IceMan tends to stroll around and then jump and slowly float down firing his IceSlasher repeatedly. He also has displayed the ability to create storm clouds that will then release (apparently) deadly snowflakes. The ThunderBeam will quickly deliver a shock to his system and then he will forfeit his IceSlasher to MegaMan. He hates warm temperatures and has a major crush on Roll, his younger sister... Ok, Moving away from that whole pedophilic incest thing. He entered the Battle and Chase with his Cool Mobile capable of creating Pilliars of ice and shooting his IceSlasher.
The enemies that litter his stage are the following
Adhering Suzy
Crazy Razy
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
Posted Image
Posted Image
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