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Topic Started: Jun 28 2009, 08:52 PM (164 Views)
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Mettaur (met-ar) Posted Image
Originally named Met, Mettaur has a sturdy hard hat that protects him from virtually everything. Looking like a construction worker they have been known to carry pickaxes. Perhaps their name comes from the word helmet, maybe it doesn't. Early Mettaur were nothing but a helmet and eyes, as the games progressed they began to gain legs and take up new roles such as astronauts, train conductors and diving. They are the definite MegaMan enemy appearing in almost every MegaMan game. They are so iconic that they even survived into the X timeline. In the Battle Network series they generally are yellow, pink or blue and they attack with pick axes. The Yellow ones never use their helmets for some reason. In StarForce they are unchanged, short of having an antenna and being called Metenna.
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