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Topic Started: Jun 27 2009, 04:39 PM (162 Views)
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BigEye (big-eye) Posted Image
BigEye is what you would call the miniboss of the original MegaMan. He is the hulking monster that fills players with dread and fear when they see him hopping over. He can quickly eat your health meter to a few pellets and it takes many shots to fell him. His method of attack is to hop toward MegaMan slowly, yet seemingly accurately. He is not fast, so if you can slip by just run!
BigEye also made it into MegaMan Network Transmission as one of the viruses on the stage of ElecMan.exe, a homage to his appearance on ElecMan's stage among many of MegaMan's other brother's stages. The BigEye virus attacked much like his ancestor and also could take a punch or thirty. I believe the chip he drops is FootStmp(Foot Stomp) like the Powie/Flappy viruses in that game.
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