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Members can now make entries
Topic Started: Jun 25 2009, 03:41 PM (199 Views)
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The ninja admin
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This is a trial system I am going to test.
But now anyone except Guests and Banned can make an entry. I must tell you though that a staff member must inspect your entry for quality, completeness, accuracy and if you have an unrestrained bias. Making an anti-"Bush the second" entry or even an excessively anti-"Andrew Jackson" entry would be too biased. Making an entry praising Obama or Bush as some kind of divine God would also constitute a too biased entry. If you hate Princess Peach don't make an anti-peach entry.
The Staff member may completely reject your entry. They may also edit or alter your entry before making it visible. Your entry may even be so great that they don't have to make any alterations!
Be aware even if your entry is accepted without any tweaks it probably will get edited at another time. Information is always coming and your entry may become obsolete.

Here are some things you are agreeing to if you make an entry.
-It is fine for the entry to be edited however the staff of NRPM deem needed. Effective 6/25/09
-The entry if accepted becomes NRPM property, and will not have to be taken down at your request. Effective 6/25/09
-You will retain rights to any images you include and you may demand the images to be taken down. (if you have trouble just remove the image from your image host. ;)) Effective 6/25/09

To increase your chances of acceptance.
-Refer to these guidelines.
-If you can't spell or have terrible grammar, write it up in MicrosoftWord(you pay for Word) or MicrosoftWorks(Free and the same as Word, but not as pretty.) and use that spell/grammar check.
-Don't use profanity.
-Don't guess; play the game again, look at a game script FAQ, refer to the instruction manual, whatever you need to do.
-Don't state your opinions as fact.
-Don't let your bias get out of control.
-Use official art or sprites for images, putting together pieces of official art(Like I did with Kremling and Koopa.) is fine too.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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