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Ducks; DuckHunt
Topic Started: Jun 25 2009, 02:48 PM (244 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Ducks (Duh-ck-s) Posted Image
These are the ducks from the NES game Duck Hunt. Your dog, the "Duck Hunt Dog" being his unofficial yet widespread name, jumps into the grass to scare these ducks out of the grass. With your Zapper you try to pick off as many of these limitless ducks as possible before they fly off screen. The longer you played the more ducks you would be required to kill each round. Perhaps as you decimate their population the ducks begin to grow angry and if you don't keep their numbers down, they will become the hunter and you will be their victim. The problem with this theory is there are truly infinite ducks in the grass. Although we don't know what the ducks do when they leave the screen, perhaps they circle overhead waiting to get their revenge. Most information on these ducks, and the game in general, is pure speculation, due to their characters never being fleshed out beyond target practice.
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