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Topic Started: Jun 24 2009, 01:39 PM (298 Views)
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Kappa ((Probably)Cap-uh) Posted Image
Kappa are legendary river dwelling Japanese creatures. They are generally depicted as being some kind of tortoise monster. It is said their skin is very scaly and they generally are depicted as having turtle like shells as well as turtle beaks. Kappa also have depressed bowl like heads that retain water as they rise out of rivers, it is said this water makes them strong outside of water. It is often said if a Kappa loses its water it will panic and make a run for the river. It unclear if it simply becomes scared if it is weakened or if perhaps the water allows it to breath outside of water, therefore finding water being vital to its survival. Although being a wild monster Kappa are known for being gentlemen, so much so that if they are bowed to they are forced by Kappa code of honor to reciprocate, spilling their water. The Koopas of the Mario franchise are said to be based off of Kappa. Kappa share a much closer resemblance to Bowser, king of the Koopas. It is possible the English translation to Bowser(Bow Sir) could have been a pun referring to the weakness of the Kappa. This however is unconfirmed and could be mere coincidence. The Animal Crossing character Kapp'n is clearly based off of the Kappa.
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