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Topic Started: Jun 23 2009, 10:17 PM (298 Views)
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Koopa (coo(as in racoon, not book)-puh) Posted Image
Koopas are a race of advanced turtles. As the image illustrates they come in many different forms and colors. It is generally noted that red koopas seem more intelligent than green koopas. This is illustrated by the fact that Green Koopa Troopas will just walk aimlessly off of cliffs, whereas Red will stop and pace. Whether green Koopas are genetically less intelligent is unclear. Some koopas have wings and can fly. Koopas who have wings are called Paratroopas. Many Koopas are loyal to Bowser, however there are many who like Goombas, form communities and remain neutral or against Bowser. Unlike Goombas Bowser seems to strongly favor Koopas over his henchmen of other species. For example he had his Koopatrols patrol Princess Peach's castle in Paper Mario. Most evil Koopas can be dispatched with a firm stomp on their shells. Koopa shells are very sturdy and difficult to break. Koopas generally hide within this sturdy shelter until the danger is gone. Koopa shells can be kicked and sent flying. Some Koopas have displayed the ability to propel their shells and to be in control of where they slide, although it seems not all Koopas know how to do this. Over the years Koopas have begun to stand more and more upright from their early days crawling on all fours. It has been stated that Bowser(King of the Koopas) and his relatives are Koopas. The name Koopa most likely comes from the Japanese monsters Kappas, these monsters are depicted much like balding humanoid turtles, complete with shells.

In Japan Bowser is named Koopa.
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