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A set of guidelines for making entries
Topic Started: Jun 23 2009, 08:55 PM (194 Views)
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Currently the format is to have the name(s) bolded, followed by, in unbolded (), the pronunciation(s). Immediately after this is the general image, an image meant to show the entry generally. You don't have to put up an image, although it's better if you do. You may also wish to include subsequent images further down in the text to illustrate a particular fact.
Then you post your information for the entry. Please do not cite sources, try to focus on things you know a lot about and don't need to look up. For example if you know all about Goombas do Goomba. If your Grodus or Kremling knowledge is limited leave it for someone who knows a lot about Kremlings or Grodus. If you must cite another website please put it in a spoiler tag to keep the article clean. If you edit and feel you need to document it, put it in the same spoiler tag or make one if there isn't one. Also if there was ever a TV show use one paragraph for the videogame version and if need be, a second for television or manga. Try to supply as much information as needed on a character/entry to cover as much information as needed to have a fully rounded entry. Also feel free to look over entries and edit them if additional information has arisen that can make the entry more dynamic or informational.

You may also consider making links by hand to refer people to related entries that are closely related or someone could have been looking for instead. For example linking Metal Mario and Mario,Paper Mario and Mario, or Navi and Netnavi.

We also welcome additional ideas. So contact us if you have an idea that could be good.
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