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NRPM Users Manual Beta
Topic Started: Jun 15 2009, 10:43 PM (156 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I am hoping to clearly explain all of the features NRPM currently offers. Essentially create a FAQ to help people learn everything they could want to do. This will not be an overnight job, it will slowly come into one complete guide to the forum.

1. Basics
1A. Profile
1A1. Accessing your or other peoples profiles
Every time you post a small fraction of your profile appears to the left of your message. You can see simple or statistical information about yourself. This serves the primary function of alerting you and others to who said what. Your username is one of these identifiers. Others include your Avatar and Signature. Statistical data would be your current rank, Usergroup, Postcount, MemberNumber(this simply tells you how many people you registered after), and the day you joined. If the user has configured them their status and wii number will also appear. This mini-profile also will tell you who is online and who isn't. If you don't understand open the spoiler to view an image.
Spoiler: click to toggle

There are several ways to view someones profile. You may have seen Mega next to the online/offline image. Clicking on this is one way to view your full profile. The other way is to click on someone's username.
Here you can see most of your mini-profile at the bottom of your full profile.
You can find out how long it has been since this person showed any activity, the average of their posts, what time it is for them, whether they are online and the groups they are part of. Here you can also easily e-mail or PM the member. The last sector of the profile i will discuss gives you a link to the users blog, yes every member has their own blog here. In addition to the blog is their birthday and location. Now in the upper left corner you will see a drop-down menu. This menu allows you to see all of their posts, Topics, or Names they have used. It also grants you the ability to ignore them or add them to your contacts.
1A2. Editing your profile
You must put information before much of your profile will be filled in. To do so scroll to the top of any forum page. Look for something that says preferences. Scrolling over this causes it to drop down with three options. Selecting the bottom one will take you to fill in most of your profile. The middle choice takes you to change your signature.
The top option takes you to change your avatar, if you do not select an avatar you will have "Clarence the Friendly Quaker Zombie" as your avatar. You can link to a personal avatar or browse our galleries to find one you like. If you choose preferences itself you will go to your preferences homepage containing information on how many posts you need to rank up. Your subscriptions and your note pad.

More coming soon...
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