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Game Over
Topic Started: Jun 5 2009, 02:39 PM (231 Views)
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There is this book that came out in 1993 called Game Over: How Nintendo zapped an American Industry, Captured your Dollars, and enslaved your Children. Here is more info about it:

By: David Sheef
Pages: 445 (Including End Index)

Chapters--------------------------------- Page #
1. A New Leader of the Club 3
2. In Heaven's Hands 12
3. I, Mario 37
4. Inside Mother Brain 57
5. Coming to America 80
6. For a Fistful of Quarters 107
7. Reversal of Fortune 131
8. Enter the Dragon 158
9: The Grinch Who Stole Chrismas 187
10: Game Masters 213
11. The Big Sleep 236
12. Game Over 261
13. From Russia With Love 292
14. The "Tetris" Song 315
15: Sonic Boom 349
16. Borders 390
Epilogue: Forest of Illusions 422
Selected Bibliography 429
Index 433

I have also Learned so much about Nintendo from this book!
Chapter 1
* The working name for super mario world was super mario bros. 4.
* Apple's greatest fear in the 1990s was Nintendo.
*When the SNES came out, every system was sod every 5 seconds.
* Some stores rose the price on the NES, or made them buy other stuff.
Chapter 2
*Nintendo was oringinally a card making company.
* Nintendos cards where sometimes made for gambling.
* Nintendo made these toys: Ultra Hand, Ultra Machine, Ultra Scope, LoveTester, Nintendo Beam Gun, and the first ever Lazer Clay Shooting ranges.
* Nintendos First game system Color TV 6, played 6 versions of light tennis.
*Nintendo was oriniginally was going to to use a 6 bit prossor for the fanicom, but used 8 bit to keep Famicom prices low.
Chapter 3
*Miyamoto didn't really want to be a designer, he was to be a preformer, puppeteer, or a painter.
*Miyamoto only got a job at Nintendo as a favor from the chairman to Miyamotos father.
*Mario only got a the famous red hat because.....
1. Designers didn't want to make the hair move when Mario fell.
2. Miyamoto couldn't think of a hairdo. /facepalm
*One American sales manager hated Donkey Kong (game) so much the he started looking for a new job.
* Miyamoto made a Popye the Sailer Man game that was exactly like Donkey Kong for the Game and Watch.
* Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark was Miyamotos favorite movie. (1980s)
*Miyamotos hero was Geroge Lucus ( Creater of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and other films) (1980s)

That only what I have learned so far! I can't wait to read the rest!

So, Has anyone else read/ heard of it? PS I am on Inside Mother Brain.

Here is a pic of the front cover ( Had to steal cam from sis while she was sleeping.)

THATNEWGUY EDIT: The picture that was here before was way too big and stretched the screen. I replaced it with one from the Internet that is smaller:

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God, this was a LLLLOOONNNGGGG post. wiggitywack
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I am half through with Chapter 4. I have learned that one employee called Mr.Yamauhi (President of Nintendo) The Mother Brain. (The chapters about him.)
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Stick (Since 1962)
Jun 11 2009, 05:33 PM
on topic: I wonder where you can get this book?
I got mine from the local library! (paying me to be cheerful wiggitywack )
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