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Official NRPM Rules
Topic Started: May 21 2009, 09:39 PM (250 Views)
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The ninja admin
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No one wants to have to read a topic laden with profanity or slurs. However using clean meanings of words that have a profane meaning is alright. For example Damn meaning to condemn is fine. If something minor slips out once in a while it is ok.
-Do not use derogatory racial/sexual terms.
-Do not use any of the major North American curse words.
-Words that are fine with us that some people consider bad are: Crap and Bastard.
-Do not say the following censored word P-o.-.r-n, it brings P-o-.-r-n bots, which few of us want to see. But for those that do, don't subject the rest of us, there are children that use this forum.
-If you are having a mature discussion you can use words for sexual parts as terms for sexual parts. Calling someone a sexual part is not allowed. Still try to limit your usage of such terms, so you don't attract bots
-If the censor blocks your word do not bypass. If you really feel strongly PM an admin and calmly explain why you think the censor is unreasonable. If you bring up a good point, the censor may be changed.

This is a tough one to explain well, so leniency will be granted for the first few minor offenses.
-Pretending to be a moderator to try to become famous or respected is not allowed.
-If it is obvious that it is in good fun or a short joke, you probably won't get more than a warning if it crosses a line.
-Yelling/ Threatening or scolding someone for their mistakes is backseat moderation and is strongly looked down upon. However, nicely helping someone or alerting someone to the rules is fine and looked up on.
-If disaster is striking don't try to mediate or stop a fight yourself. There is a report button, if you see a problem click on it and explain where(board, topic and page) the problem is and who it pertains to.

Flaming & Trolls!
Trolls are the dregs on the net society; a race of ugly, obcene monsters who live to cause fights and bait people to flame. Flaming is to insult someone; think of people arguing, that is pretty much flaming except on the internet. Flaming often brings about breaking of other rules.
When dealing with trolls there are several guidelines that will keep you free of its claws.
1. Don't reason with them, they are not people like you and me. They cannot or will not reason.
2. Since they never use reason debating or disagreeing are some of the worst things you can do. To them they will always be right. If you are good you may be able to beat a troll though. (don't try it unless you are 500% sure you can slay that troll)
3.If you ignore 1 & 2 you are feeding the trolls, only giving making them more vicious. Flaming a troll is the worst way to feed them, because you can get in trouble.
4.Report them.
5.Post a witty troll picture, if your funny to tell the more dense people it is a troll and give people a laugh.
-If someone flames, report them don't mediate or backseat moderate.
-Be careful how you talk to people, some people can misinterpret your words and get agitated.
-Don't be an idiot. But seriously, try not to act irritating.
-Don't flame back, it only gets blood on your hands and makes the fire get hotter.
-Try to work your differences out like adults, although you may not be one. Sometimes your biggest rivals can end up your best friends when you understand each other.
-Walk away from your computer, if you are getting angry or are in an irritated mood and think you could suffer from temporary troll syndrome. (making many snarky, sarcastic remarks because you feel bad.)
-Apologize and Forgive, sometimes future conflicts can be resolved with a simple apology and forgiving people.
-Do not passive aggressively flame. (Generally the conduct of someone suffering from temporary troll syndrome and/or deliberately doing things you know irritate someone.)

Inter-forum relations
We do not believe in having a romantic relationship with a member of another forum.:P
This has to do with links errected on NRPM soil er... kilobytes.
-Don't post a link to advertise/promote your forum or site outside the forum exchange area and until you have the specified number of posts. How would you like it if we came and posted links to here every other post?
-To affiliate you can wait until you have enough posts to advertise or PM an admin before that time. Your forum must satisfy the current requirements.
-Do not link(generalized linking, not just promotional links) to an overly profane website. If a website does have some adult content warn people of it.

Sexual content
I think you all know what definitely crosses the line, but I'll explain.
-No explicitly nude images of anybody. This pertains particularly to the genitalia and female breasts. (again I think you know what doesn't cross the line. For example faces, arms and etc. can be nude, but crotch and female chest area no.)
-No depictions of nudity, this includes incredible ASCII art.
-Hold back on raciness/suggestiveness of pictures particularly of people in minimal clothing. (Swimsuits, pajamas etc.)

Personal info
Share whatever you want! As long as you are sharing of your own free will, and taking responsibility for any risks associated with release of personal information; you can share whatever info you want.
-Do not share other peoples information without written consent, however.
-We strongly advise not giving out your street or zip code, unless it is needed by staff for mailing purposes. (For example if we have a contest.)
-We also advise looking for any personal info in images and considering blurring them out.
-It is not advised to reveal your last or middle name.

Roms/online cheating
It breaks the TOS so no.

With sites like Youtube, we now have to talk about media. If it is obscene or profane don't post it without a warning of adult content.

Necroposting is defined as bringing an excessively old topic back to the first page. (Or posting in an ancient topic) You should have something productive to post if you necropost.
-If it's really old don't bump it.
-If it is only a couple pages from the first page and you want to post on the same subject you probably should necropost rather than have 50million of the same topics.
-If it is beyond 5 pages and 40 days old necroposting is probably a bad idea.
-Necroposting is strongly encouraged in the Rp board rather than have a bunch of almost identical Rps just because one slows to a crawl.
-Necroposting in spam is usually alright.
-Bumping is not productive, you will have to really dress up your bump if you want to fool us, almost to the point of it not being a bump and actually being productive.

If your selling something, no mercy!
If your talking about our familiar spam keep it in the spam board.
-You can have partial spam anywhere. (saying something off of the topic and pointless yet funny, if it is accompanied by something relatively productive.

This is right clicking on one of our images, running off to another site and linking to it. This is rude and sucks our bandwidth dry. Although we are not exactly fond of our images being taken to other websites(particularly without giving credit), if you are going to do this anyway, at least right click and select "save as" and then upload it yourself. Oh and if you could state you found it on NRPM, please.
-If we find you are a major hotlinking offender, you could face an IP ban. It is not that hard to upload it to your ImageShack, so just do that.
-If you see anything that you think could be someone hotlinking our images, please contact a staff member right away!

Breaking the rules
-Your post could be deleted, generally the whole topic won't be deleted because one person is an idiot.
-You will generally get warns(or requests for a particular action), followed by suspensions and ending with bans.
-Really bad things you could just get suspended or banned without a warning.
Edited by GameBoyPlayerAdvance, Dec 14 2009, 12:27 PM.
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