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Who is your favourite character?
Topic Started: Feb 22 2009, 02:34 PM (465 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I rock as Kirby too! Still the only character I have gone Full-Syncro with is Roy. I am confident I could beat any one and everyone with Roy, doing him was that natural. I was also great with Pichu, Pichu is actually a realy powerful characters. Most of his stats are poor, but his speed, agility and item(Pichu probably has the highest Item stat) stats more than make up for his disadvantage. I liked playing as Link but his Item stat is fairly low(so certain items actually give him a considerable drop in stats) and I just recently discovered there is in-fact an item stat.
I can do pretty well with jiggly, I'm pretty good with Captain Falcon and Cell Link. I can do Pokemon trainer alright, I just discovered the power of Lucas. The real is who am I bad with.
I like playing Kirby though.
My Ninja Rp, join it please!
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