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Why I chose the songs I did on my station
Topic Started: Feb 14 2009, 04:57 PM (195 Views)
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The ninja admin
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Bumped because I moved it.

I'll explain why i chose each song to put in my personal NRPM radio station.

Don't fear the reaper - This song may be old and have the stigma of causing people to want to commit suicide, but it is so hypnotic!
She Sells Sanctuary - One of only a few reasons I still play GH aerosmith.
Welcome to the Jungle - Yes it is famous and overhyped by GNR fanboys, but it is still pretty good.
Sweet child of mine - I just like it, DEAL! ;Oh Yeah? Well your grounded meat!: On a side note my niece also loves this song.
Prayer of the refugee - The song is pretty catchy before the chorus, and a little catchy still in the chorus.
Dude looks like a lady - It isn't horrible, but it is pretty low on the list of my favorite songs.
Livin' on the edge - Aerosmiths best song. ;It was just there!: Oh crap, now everyone is going to kill me for not saying dream on is their best song!
Reptillia - This song gets stuck in everybody's head and they like it.
Pink - The bizarre innuendo filed lyrics are kinda of funny, particularly from the vocalist of Aerosmith.
Kings and Queens - Aerosmith's second third best song.
Dream-on - Aerosmiths third best song.
Dream police - LOL this song is just plain awesome.
TTFF - The guitarists of Dragonforce have immortal fingers, parts remind me of megaman BGM too.
Mr. Brightside - Your looking at this going "which one is that?" Listen and you will know the song, I didn't even know this was the killers. It is better than their Human song which BTW has some very interesting messages. 0.0 This is just catchy even though it is a song about prostitution.
Miss Murder - Ok this song would not have made it if I had just gotten the second half, the first part is better in my opinion, but the second half completes it well.
Girl's not Grey - The song is just catchy.
Carry on my wayward son - It is again just catchy and interesting, although the chorus is kind of bland IMO.
Clocks - I just like this one I can't explain it.
Viva la vida - You know I can't pinpoint why I like this one either.
Lights will guide U home - I'm seeing a trend with Coldplay's hits.
Numb - I just like this one for some reason.
Breaking the habit - A really well done song and the video is pretty cool.
Jesus Freak - Yeah, odd to follow something as screechy as Linkin park. This just has some nice memories tied to it, and inspired something I say. "I don't like being called a Jesus freak, it does not convey the extent of my obsession well enough."
What i've done - I kind of like it because it is out of character for LP.
Sober - Awesome guitar
Map of the problematique - I love this song, the opening is Epic!
Exo- politics - Another of my favorites honestly 80% of this list could consist of only a few bands Muse being one.
SMBH - This song makes me smile because of it being sung in falcetto.
Sunburn - Ok, I have more muse songs then I planned, but this is an awesome song.
Bohemian Rhapsody - This song is just plain awesome.
Wake Me up inside - Just take a listen man. Plus I like Linkin Park.
Rooftops - I won't lie I first played this on GH4, I had to look through to song list to discover who did it since activision used the font size -9001. (negative nine-thousand-one) But for some reason I like this song.
Re-education through labor - Again, I never got around to searching rise against even though I love Prayer of the Refugee. So GH4 introduced this to me. I didn't know it was RA until a week ago when RB2 announced it as coming DLC.
The Feeling - The only good free download for RB2 and actually so good it is better than many of the on disc songs. Out of the box definitely this is in the top 3 for RB2. I had been curious about Kutless for a while though, more so when I saw then as a RB song.
Mr.BS - Can you believe I didn't know who did this or what the song was called for a longtime. This song is awesome.
SpaceMan - Best Killers song ever.
Sex type thing - This song is too catchy. Its message of a kind of misogyny bothers me, but I can't stop.

As I add more I will update this.
Edited by GameBoyPlayerAdvance, Jul 21 2009, 04:07 PM.
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how do I add music again?
Feelings? Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings? Blokes who're bludgeoning their wife to death, with a golf trophy. Professionals have standards.
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The ninja admin
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Go to this topic.
It explains most of the basic stuff, so you have some idea going in on how that website works It isn't too hard to figure out though. (particularly with the recent upgrade they did.)
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F-Zero Pilot
Right now I only have one song per artist, but that will change soon enough. *winks*

Here is my collection thus far:

Space Dementia - The Muse song on my list. I chose this one because of its awesome intro, hard-rock verses, and spacey chorus. I would consider it the best song I've ever heard.
Ten Black Roses - Because I like it, duh. wiggitywack Hmm...I like how The Rasmus can make their songs both dark and catchy at the same time. This song is a good example of that.
Hallelujah - Paramore is one of my favorite bands. Hayley Williams has an amazing voice, and, as shown in this song, Josh Farro is an excellent guitarist.
Points of Authority - I like Linkin Park's old style. Hybrid Theory is my favorite album from them. I'd probably say that PoA is my favorite song by them.
Over and Over - It's different for TDG; I like their soft side.
The Ghost of You - Same description as Over and Over, but replace 'TDG' with 'MCR'.
Audience of One - My favorite Rise Against song, period. I love the intro, that's probably the best part.
Lead Sails (and a Paper Anchor) - Same answer as Over and Over and The Ghost of You.
Lights and Sounds - The opposite of three previous songs. This one's pretty hard-hitting for Yellowcard, and I like it.
It Ends Tonight - I love the way it builds up throughout the song. It's just awesome.
Wake Me Up Inside - Gah, I just realized I put up a remix...ah well, the original is a very good song featuring Linkin Park. I like both of the bands in the song, so naturally I like the song.
The Pretender - Great song with soft parts and heavy parts. It's just plain amazing.
Spellbound - One of my favorite songs by Lacuna Coil. Not my favorite, but I put it up anyway because it's the only good song from their suckish new album. As a huge LC fan, it makes me sad that they're going so mainstream.
In Too Deep - Maybe you won't recognize the title, but you'll probably know the song. It's gewd. =B
Diary of Jane - Wow, this song is good. Don't know why I love it so much, but it's one of my favorite songs ever.
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Music: Metric. They are quite possibly my new favorite band. :O

Internet memes: Joseph Decreux xD

Other: The phrase "halfway decent" which I seem to be saying a lot lately.

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