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I saw a good suspense movie!
Topic Started: Jan 18 2009, 11:35 PM (309 Views)
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The ninja admin
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My sister and Brother-in-law rented some movies. One of them was Disturbia, it is basically a suspense/horror movie, and I use horror as in the days before horror equating a slasher and slashers equating a slasher on HGH and Steroids.
The basic plot without revealing major spoilers is this reckless driver ends up causing this kid to crash after a fishing trip with his father, they both survive until another car hits the side his dad is on, presumably dismembering him. Flash forward to the end of his senior year, his Spanish teacher is pushing him and then brings his father up. He decks his teacher and is sentenced to house arrest. During this time he sits around bored out of his mind until he hears about this murderer and notices some similarities to one of his neighbors. To make matters worse the guy is trying to woo his mother.
Obviously you know his neighbor is going to turn out to be a psycho that tries to kill him, but hey that comes with the suspense name. What makes this more interesting is his teachers cousin is a cop bent on getting revenge, and whenever he steps out of line the cop comes to his door to beat him up. So he is essentially forced to sit in his home while his neighbor tries to kill him.
There are a few times they forget logic or what was established earlier, and a lot of the time you know several minutes into the future.
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