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A RP coming soon...
Topic Started: Jan 15 2009, 07:21 PM (193 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I will use this to put together a RP later. Check back for more info.

Legend states that long ago several wise sages sealed a great power away to prevent the threat of Armageddon to their world. This power was what part of the four elements that make up their whole world. This power was called Alchemy and would grant a great amount of power to the one who possesses it as well as immortality. Years passed and a village seemed to be the only memory of this power, these people kept a great secret from the world. However there were some who wished to unleash Alchemy once again. It was said by lighting the lighthouses alchemy could be revived. In an attempt to get the items that could light these towers they ended up causing the apparent death of one of these children, Felix, however in reality they had forced him to help. Though their ideals were wicked, this boy realized that if they were not lit the world would surely end, but if they were lit it might end soon, either way it would however lighting them seemed to be the brightest future. After some of his child hood friends killed the two wicked enemies, he had to continue the mission and be seen as the enemy. later he explained this to his friends and converted them. When the last lighthouse was lit the great power was unleashed in the form of a golden sun. This ended up destroying their home, before it fell into the earth a man named Alex climbed the nearby mountain to claim this power, he had tried to bring this event about so he could claim it and now it was his. To his dismay he discovered the guardian had sealed some of it and given it to Felix's childhood friend Isaac inside of the mars star. The mountain was swallowed up and its inhabitants scattered across the land, nothing was heard from Alex for several years until the village Isaac had taken residence in Tolbi was destroyed in the night, the mars star was almost taken and out of where the mountain once was many stones rose into the shape of a waning moon. The mutations in people and animals began once again and he realized he was needed again to save the world from something.
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