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Not a major problem, but still
Topic Started: Dec 30 2008, 10:21 AM (198 Views)
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The ninja admin
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I bought Golden Sun the other day, but the soft reset doesn't work? Does anyone else have this problem.
So far the game started interesting, but then I got thrown out with no idea what to do until I stumbled upon Vault, at least now the enemies are picking up and giving decent EXP, though. Right now I feel it is going to be a lot like Breath of Fire II, your BFF a dog named Bow is framed by a rich nobleman and a thief
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. You look for help you stop by a town on the way and find out about some fixed fights in the arena, you have to step in, but you have to off one of the fighters of this fixed match, so you go into a forrest to take care of this guy, you return meet up with an armadillo named Randal. You get in the fight and fight a cat girl, she gets hit with a poison arrow and gets sick, Randal had conned you out of your money to get some antidotes so he saves her and she joins with you. You theorize the thief must be on the other side of the world, so you break into a castle of harpy people, discover a troubled monkey, see a princess getting disowned by her parents because her wings are another color and this was part of a phrophecy. For no reason you deside to go to Capitan, get a guy to build you a village, step in to save the village after its people wander into a well with a giant demon waiting below. They happen to let you cross the ocean to the other side of the world, you find a giant frog and decide to help him, because he was turned by a witch. You fix him into a small prince frog with bad stats and good spells for now at least. He wants to stop by home, you don't object then he gets thrown in jail by an imposter. You decide for no reason to help this worthless guy and find out the imposter is another demon. The thief just happens to be there and you can save bow from being a fugitive forever more. Don't get me into the random side quests in the last half of the game either. Partially because I'd get them out of order.
Anyway back to the question about the soft reset. (L+R+A+B+Select+Start)
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